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Artesyn Embedded Technologies Brings Out Centellis OCP

By Steve Anderson February 19, 2015

Granted, for a lot of people out there, hearing the TLA (three-letter acronym) OCP brings to mind images of corporations unleashing horrible things on Detroit, but this time around, OCP has a whole new meaning thanks to Artesyn Embedded Technologies, who brought out the Open Compute Project for network functions virtualization (NFV). With NFV a technology on the rise, this means some very big things to come not only for Artesyn, but also for its users.

Artesyn's Centellis OCP platform is geared toward communication service providers (CSP), and in turn will allow same to bring in both open standard systems as well as both hardware and software developed with open source code. That allows for significant drops in expenses, both capital and operating, as many of these systems are not only cheaper to bring in initially, but also cheaper to keep up and running. The Centellis was designed as a rack solution, allowing for complete integration of not only servers, but also storage and switches at the top-of-rack level, which provides several key advantages over the more standard rack server arrangement.

That alone would be a good step, but the Centellis system was also designed with important new technologies in mind. More specifically, it's specifically designed to accommodate both the deployment and the development of network functions virtualization (NFV) applications, especially those set up by software-defined networking (SDN). It even works with Artesyn's earlier release of the Centellis Virtualization Platform, which itself was specifically designed as a software framework for NFV, and has proven its worth in earlier field use. Thanks to the two systems, service providers get access to an application deployment platform that allows for better use of virtual network functions (VNFs), and across the full range of carrier network from the core to the edge.

Artesyn's Doug Sandy, who serves as the company's chief technology officer, offered up some comment around the release, saying “Our research shows that communications service providers have concerns about whether OCP and other commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies will meet the needs of their networks. Therefore, Artesyn is collaborating with customers and contributing to industry bodies such as the OCP and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to apply our many years of experience in building solutions for the telecom infrastructure to the emerging demand for OCP technologies in carrier networks. The new Artesyn Centellis OCP Platform offers a path to a class of OCP solutions that are optimized to network equipment requirements.”

This is likely to prove a development that's very attractive to communications service providers, many of which have been eager to find more ways to distinguish from the pack of competitors in the field. With all the competition out there, getting a distinct advantage that's not readily duplicated can be very difficult, and for many companies, enhancing offerings in NFV and SDN alike are really helping to bolster that unique advantage. Bringing in Centellis, meanwhile, would seem to be a great way to help augment the playing field as far as NFV and SDN go, and that should make for a potentially powerful new offering at the CSP level.

Only time will tell just how well the Centellis OCP does in the field, though early indications suggest it should be quite well received, and give CSPs a reason to stand up and cheer.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Contributing Writer

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