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Software Telco Congress Speaker Discusses Enterprise Communications

By Paula Bernier July 31, 2014

Things are really starting to come together for unified communications.

The convergence of cloud computing resources, network functions virtualization, and the introduction of important new tools like Microsoft Lync are propelling UC forward and creating new opportunities for the unified communications ecosystem.

That’s the word from Clint Peck, vice president of technology at cloud voice platform company Alianza. Peck will be presenting at Software Telco Congress during a session titled, “Building New Applications for SDN and NFV Networks” on Tuesday, Aug. 12 at 3 p.m.

During this session, Peck will talk about what it means to build a cloud and how NFV is a starting point, not the end game. He will also explain why cloud voice platforms are the clear choice for voice given that cloud provides dramatically lower costs to offer VoIP in the all-IP broadband centric world.

“When done properly the cloud can actually be much more secure than on-prem solutions,” adds Peck. “It’s important to pick trustworthy vendors and to validate their security and backup strategies and ensure their SLA is inline with your business requirements. What many people don’t appreciate is that many cloud providers have much more expertise in providing a secure, scalable and highly-available solutions than they would if they had to replicate the functionality internally.”

Alianza is among those cloud providers, he says. 

“We provide a cloud-based VoIP platform so that service providers can profitability deliver residential and business voice services that are easy to manage,” he adds. “We’ve been doing it for over five years, and as experts we really understand what it takes to deliver a world class service to our customers.”

One important recent development in the UC and VoIP space has been Microsoft’s introduction of Lync. Peck notes that Lync was the right product at the right time.

“Microsoft was able to take what had previously been a mixed bag of IM, voice and video clients from a number of different vendors using different protocols and provide a full-featured standardized product that integrated with their other product suites,” he says. “They were able to bring IM to businesses and make it a viable communications tool. Also the fact that the product is fairly open and flexible, is easy to use, scales well and is stable has really helped to solidify its place as a market leader.”

And while that benefits Microsoft, it’s also a good thing for the UC ecosystem as a whole, Peck points out.

“Lync has shown that IM and over the top communication is not only viable but useful and productive for business. And as such they have propelled UC forward with a number of vendors jumping into the fray. I think the space will continue to get more crowded – both with competitors and add-ons that make Lync more functional,” says Peck.

Another prominent trend in enterprise communications today is the rise of BYOD, and Peck says the bring-your-own-device scenario continues to gain momentum.

“People who know technology have strong preferences for the types of devices they use and have a good understanding of which devices are most effective for the work they’re doing,” Peck comments. “We see this trend continuing as the lines continue to blur between smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and laptops. With most companies embracing cloud computing, the access device is less important than it was in the past, and issues like security and encryption are more mature and more seamless to the end user.”

Peck adds that Alianza has been migrating its internal IT functions to the cloud as quickly as possible.

“We now have all our internal infrastructure in the cloud including Exchange, Office365, collaboration, and project management,” he says. “We were all too happy to remove the overhead burden of maintaining all of these functions internally. Of course, we also use our own Cloud Voice Platform to power our VoIP and UC for employees across the U.S.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

Executive Editor, TMC

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