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Brocade Vyatta Offers up new Capability for Cloud, Telecom Providers

By Steve Anderson June 11, 2014

Recently, Brocade unveiled both a new product and the first step in a much larger-scale venture. Specifically, Brocade brought out the Brocade Vyatta Platform, a platform that was likely to serve as a way to put a lot of extra power in the hands of both telecommunications firms and cloud-based ventures alike.

The Brocade Vyatta Platform, according to reports, is comprised of three key points: network function virtualization (NFV) connection services, software defined networking (SDN) structural services, and functional orchestration. The overall construction is modular, which in turn allows businesses who use it the kind of flexibility that can only come from being able to select various parts of the platform to put into use at any given time. For instance, with the NFV connection services, users can bring out Layer 3-7 network functionality, thanks to a combination of various established products in the Brocade vADX line, as well as the Brocade Vyatta vRouter. For SDN structural services, users can bring in elements of the OpenDaylight Project, and with functional orchestration, users can put the OpenStack system to work in orchestration layers.

Beyond that, however, the Brocade Vyatta Platform represents the first step in a much larger concept; more specifically, it's set to be part of a complete networking platform for both those cloud-based service providers and telecommunications providers noted previously. Since the Brocade Vyatta Platform offers up everything set forth by the ETSI NFV ISG, at last report, it can offer up several different avenues for such companies to offer not only new services, but also new features and improve overall value for those organizations that turn to the companies who put it to use in solutions. Additionally, it reduces the amount of development time that has to go into the system, and in turn means that benefits can more rapidly roll out.

There's an additional benefit here, too, as described by Brocade's vice president and general manager of software networking, Kelly Herrell: the use of a complete platform means that it's more flexible overall. Instead of addressing only specific problems, Brocade Vyatta can work better with more and more diverse systems to ensure better interoperability, and a better fit within an established system. Herrell elaborated “The growing complexity of today's virtualized networks has made it no longer feasible to rely on a single vendor to deliver an end-to-end solution that fits every customer's requirements of service agility and scalability. The Brocade Vyatta Platform is the industry's first truly open platform to embrace a growing vendor ecosystem dedicated to open standards and open source projects for cloud and telco providers seeking software-based solutions to achieve new revenue streams and regain control over their networks.”

A system that's flexible, works with a variety of different tools and does so efficiently and effectively is hard to pass up. While the Swiss army knife approach doesn't work in every situation, it's still a good tool to have on hand to cover the various issues that can come up. It's going to be particularly interesting to see just where the Brocade Vyatta Platform ultimately ends up—even Brocade notes it is just the first step in a much larger plan—and with this kind of a first step being taken, by the time it's all said and done, Brocade could be very far down the road indeed.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Contributing Writer

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