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Verizon Calls on F5 for Software-based Cloud Availability, Policy, Security Solutions

By Paula Bernier December 06, 2013

Two companies that are arguably the most innovative tier 1 U.S. carrier, and one of the most innovative infrastructure providers, are joining forces to deliver a new cloud-based solution leveraging network functions virtualization. Verizon Enterprise Solutions has tapped F5 Networks to provide its BIG-IP solutions to ensure the new Verizon Cloud can support highly available, fast and secure applications.

The effort involves embedding F5’s application services into Verizon Cloud Compute infrastructure-as-a-service platform. This leverages the F5 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager to bring together different environments and direct users to the ideal data center for the best application performance. F5’s BIG-IP Access Policy Manager also comes into play here to allow for the creation and enforcement of security policies.

Network functions virtualization, or NFV, involves embodying the functionality that has traditionally relies on proprietary hardware and software just in software form, so it can run on lower-cost, commodity hardware. This is part of networking’s larger move to software-based environments.

Marc Andreessen, who in 2011 famously said software is eating the world, was quite right, and many individuals and businesses are benefitting from that via pay-as-you-go cloud services like the one mentioned above and, now, even more flexible networks due to innovations like NFV and software-defined networking.

In fact, F5 recently offered details on its SDN vision for the data center. The effort is called Synthesis and involved a high-performance, multi-tenant approach to networking. The architecture can scale to support up to 1.28 million instances (both administrative domains and virtual instances), offers 20.5 TB of throughput, and can enable as many as 9.2 billion connections. Its centralized management system does automated discovery, topology, and provisioning, which expedites service delivery and makes these processes more cost-effective, efficient and repeatable.

In addition to F5 Networks, among the other infrastructure providers supporting this movement to software-based networking are Aculab, ADTRAN, Alcatel Lucent, GENBAND, Lemko, Metaswitch, Netronome, Porta One, Saisei Networks, Sansay and numerous others.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

Executive Editor, TMC

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