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Broadcom Unveils Its Multicore Processor with 80NX CPUs

By Michael Guta June 18, 2013

Enterprise networks, data centers and service providers require stringent performance, security, efficiency and scalability. In order to achieve these requirements, they need processors, servers and other hardware and applications that are capable of performing these tasks. The new XLPII 900 Series Third Generation Processor from Broadcom is the industry's first processor solution to deliver over one trillion operations per second of computer performance, delivering the performance and security these organizations demand.

This new processor has 80NX CPUs on a single die for a 160 Gbps performance optimized for deployment of network functions such as virtualization, deep packet inspection (DPI) and hardware acceleration.

As more companies move from propriety hardware to software defined networking (SDN), the companies providing these services will be using powerful chips running different virtualization applications. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and SDN will be used by data center operators to meet the demand created by cloud computing services and mobile broadband. Whether it is downloading a music video or connecting with coworkers on collaborations around the world using enterprise cloud services, the demand is only going to get bigger.

This flagship processor has quad-issue, quad-threading and advanced out-of-order execution CPU architecture with multichip coherency. It features network and application intelligence technology with wire speed networking and multilayer QoS capabilities, end-to-end virtualization and DPI advanced security capabilities. It supports hundreds of virtual machines with protected memory, resources and I/Os, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) and open-sourced Quick EMUlater (QEMU).

Additional specifications for the XLPII 900 series processor include:

          • Scalable performance up to 1.28Tbps
          • Full end-to-end hardware virtualization support for the CPU cores, I/Os, hardware accelerators and on-chip interconnects
          • 100Gbps encryption and authentication performance, scalable to 800Gbps
          • 40Gbps deep-packet inspection performance with grammar processing, scalable to 320Gbps
          • 20Gbps compression and decompression, scalable to 160Gbps
          • RAID5/6 engines with deduplication support

In order to achieve the full 1.28 Tbps system performance, eight XLP 9000 processors have to be linked to function as a single device with 640 NX CPUs.

"Our new XLP900 Series of processors integrates server-class CPU core performance with industry-leading networking and communications technology to deliver the industry's highest performance, most scalable and intelligent processor for next-generation networks,” said Ron Jankov, senior vice president and general manager, Processor and Wireless Infrastructure, Broadcom. “By out-executing the industry and being first to market with a multicore solution capable of over a trillion operations per second, we once again raise the bar and further solidify our technical leadership."

Edited by Alisen Downey

Contributing Writer

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