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Netronome to Bring Discussion on Software-defined Networking to Linley Tech Carrier Show

By Steve Anderson June 13, 2013

With the Linley Tech Carrier Conference about to hit the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, Calif., a lot of issues of technology will be landing at the show, especially in terms of both network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN). Ready to tackle some of these issues is Netronome, fabless semiconductor firm, whose expertise will come in very handy during presentations on these topics at the Linley Tech Carrier Conference.

Netronome will be offering a keynote presentation entitled “NFV: Making Carrier Networks Agile and Efficient,” delivered by Netronome's senior director of strategic marketing, Nabil Damouny. Slated topics will range not only from NFV and SDN, but also to the impact that NFV has on carrier system designs as a whole. With carrier deployments posing a variety of challenges for those looking to put said deployments in place, the kind of impact that NFV and SDN can have on these can have significant ramifications for the bottom line, and Netronome's presentations are geared toward spotting potential problems early enough to adjust, as well as ways to make the deployments work smoothly and get the most out of same.

But that won't be the only presentation out of Netronome, as its director of solutions architecture, Nick Tausanovitch, will bring in a presentation titled “SDN and Network Functions Virtualization in Carrier Networks: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions.” Much as the name implies, this presentation will address important aspects of building the next generation of carrier networks and the relevant equipment.

Indeed, both Damouny and Tausanovitch will be offering vital presentations for those looking to take advantage of several critical new communications technologies. From Carrier Ethernet to broadband infrastructure and wireless base solutions and beyond, there are many possibilities for companies to get involved in, yet not without a certain level of risk. Being able to foresee some of the potential problems that may occur in these deployments—and having some tools in the toolbox geared toward addressing those problems—will go a long way in trimming the time to completion, which in turn will likely save significant amounts of resources that weren't needed thanks to unexpected delays.

Netronome's line of solutions, meanwhile, will likely play a significant role in both Damouny and Tausanovitch's presentations, especially given that Netronome can address several major problems associated with such deployments. For instance, Netronome can handle architecture challenges involved in network technologies that take advantage of both SDN and NFV.

According to Netronome's senior vice president of marketing, Jarrod Siket, Netronome's platform accelerates x86 platforms to address several key challenges in the field. Additionally, Netronome's platforms work well with OpenFlow switching and routing thanks to a set of flow processors specifically built for such a task. Netronome can even in solutions geared toward protecting networks by offering better flow processing for a low-latency data plane, network analytics functions get a boost in line-rate packet capture, and several other functions besides.

Netronome has a lot to offer in terms of bringing SDN to operations' current systems, so it's not surprising to see Netronome staff offering presentations on how best to do the important job of incorporating this new technology. It should be quite a show for anyone who attends, and with plenty of information to be had as well.

Edited by Alisen Downey

Contributing Writer

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