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OPNFV Gains Two Corporate Members, Appoints Developer to Board

By Casey Houser October 21, 2015

The Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) Project brings together service providers and vendors to deliver new relevant products and services to market. The project’s latest announcement displays the credentials of its two newest members – Freescale Semiconductor and KDDI R&D Labs – and the appointment of Morgan Richomme to the project’s board of directors.

Freescale develops multi-core processors for use in network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking environments. It uses ARM processor instructions to develop its products. KDDI conducts research about wireless and networking protocols and has successfully completed a proof of concept that regards closed-loop automation as it relates to OPNFV projects. Both members have now entered the networking development group as Silver members.

Freescale commented that it was “pleased to join the OPNFV project to contribute our processing and networking expertise in support of the OPNFV project’s goals,” and KDDI noted a hope that its “experiences in future mobile networking as well as fixed networking [will] contribute to OPNFV project activities.”

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Richomme, a NFV architect at Orange, networking and digital services company, comes to the group as a voice for developers. His voice will represent the technical aspect of development and may influence how OPNV handles both cloud and telecom aspects of its operations. He commented: “I am thrilled to join the OPNFV Board of Directors, representing the developer community in the trenches.”

The OPNFV community further commented about its excitement to have the new corporate members on its team and for Richomme to join the board. The project as a whole should benefit from their respective sets of expertise as the group’s ideas move forward.

The combined software-defined networking and NFV market is expected to experience an 86 percent compound annual growth rate through 2020. OPNFV and its members will likely be essential to that growth. At the very least, the project should have the backing of a community that supports the move to software-based networking and will look forward to adopting networking tech that improves the flow of information for all involved.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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