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QualiTest Now Part of Intel Network Builders Program

By David Delony July 29, 2015

QualiTest Group has announced that it has been accepted by Intel as an ecosystem partner in its Intel Network Builders Program.

Under the program, QualiTest will give access to its interoperability tests for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN).

"We are anticipating a huge skills pivot for software testers, as more automated testing and adjustment to software will be required for the shift to NFV,” said Bryon Lowen, VP of Telco at QualiTest. “We anticipate that the best way to accelerate this skills pivot will be through the cooperation found in the Intel Network Builders Program.”

As more carriers adopt NFV and SDN, they’re going to run into some inevitable kinks as they fashion networks out of software and hardware components. It’s better to find out about problems in a testing lab before unleashing them on customers.

While SDN and NFV are designed to make networks more flexible and efficient, if they cause outages, it could violate a carrier’s SLAs and lead to lost business. Any money spent on upgrading the network will be wasted.

QualiTest specializes in testing, all the way from planning to production, while maintaining compliance with the ETSI standards and testing the NFV life cycle.

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The company offers a large library of proven solutions so that customers can make informed buying decisions. These kinds of tests are necessary because software and hardware components can interact in surprising ways. Vendors don’t have the resources to test every possible component. SDN and NFV are still emerging technologies. For that reason, there’s a niche for QualiTest to test every possible configuration.

Partnering with a company like Intel will only give QualiTest and NFV more legitimacy. More carriers and data centers will likely feel more comfortable upgrading their networks when they know that all of their components will work together smoothly.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

Contributing Writer

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