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Dell Certifies 6WIND Accelerator for NFV Platform

By Paula Bernier July 29, 2015

Dell has certified 6WIND’s Virtual Accelerator as a standard product for its NFV Platform starter kit. The 6WIND Virtual Accelerator offers improved performance for virtual network functions, and without requiring existing software. It addresses multitenancy for distributed routing, firewall, IPsec, NAT, and more; overlays for GRE, VLAN, and VXLAN; virtual networking; and virtual switching, including Open vSwitch and Linux bridge

Dell ran the 6WIND Virtual Accelerator on a Dell PowerEdge R630 rack mount server with a commercial OpenStack platform during the certification process.

The 6WIND Turbo Router is also certified for the Dell NFV Platform starter kit. The Turbo Router can be used in bare metal or VNF deployments; supports CLI, Linux, or XML management; offers data plane networking for firewall, NAT, routing, virtual routing, and more; and includes a high performance control plane.

As 6WIND’s Charlie Ashton told NFVZone back in October of 2013, the company has been working to ensure that performance won’t be a gating factor of NFV.

“Service providers will need their VNFs to deliver cost-performance that is comparable to that achieved by equivalent physical implementations,” Ashton said at the time. “Otherwise, their NFV deployments won’t be cost-effective and there will be no ROI justification for a transition to NFV.”

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6WIND has also demonstrated the Virtual Accelerator running on HP gear. That demo took place last December at HP Discover in Barcelona. As noted at that time, Virtual Accelerator runs within the hypervisor domain, with no modification to existing hypervisor, Linux, OpenStack, or Open vSwitch software required. It allows both new and existing virtual machines to run on x86-based servers to allow for data center virtualization, network appliance virtualization, and network functions virtualization.

HP has been working closely with 6Wind as well as Intel, which are leaders in DPDK, a technology that can improve packet-processing performance by multiples (up to 10 times, according to Intel). 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

Executive Editor, TMC

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