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The R&D Conundrum: A New Approach to Innovation For CSPs

By: Special Guest    11/17/2017

CSPs are painfully aware they're not innovating fast enough to respond to changing customer expectations, or to the new opportunities being created by…

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Amdocs Simplifies Core Network Testing Processes

By: Frank Griffin    6/7/2016

If there is one constant in IT, it is change. And this change in many instances brings with it new solutions that require optimization of existing or …

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Nomadix Launches Alloc8 - X Series for Real-Time Network Monitoring

By: Rory Lidstone    3/17/2016

Public access gateways specialist Nomadix has announced an entire new series of enterprise-grade layer 7 platforms. The Alloc8 - X Series is launching…

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Red Hat, Amdocs to Assist Telecoms with Migration to Cloud

By: Casey Houser    2/26/2016

Red Hat, developer of its well-known Linux distribution for enterprises, has announced its partnership with Amdocs, which creates software for telecom…

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Ericsson Puts Together NFV & SDN

By: Paula Bernier    2/25/2016

Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking are two of the most prominent themes in networking today. They're often mentioned in …

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Large Service Providers Biggest Market for NFV Orchestration

By: Laura Stotler    2/22/2016

Service providers are proving to be the biggest consumers of network functions virtualization (NFV) orchestration software and are driving market reve…

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PCCW Global Chooses CENX Orchestration Solution to Manage its Complex Global Network

By: Christopher Mohr    11/20/2015

CENX solves these problems with a big data engine that collects disparate data and provides actionable intelligence in real time. It provides visualiz…

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ClearPath, HP Do NFV Interop Testing & Validation, Jointly Pursue CSP Opportunities

By: Paula Bernier    10/13/2015

ClearPath Networks is now an HP OpenNFV Application partner. That means the company, which offers the ClearPath Virtual Services Platform, will conduc…

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Oracle Releases New Application Orchestrator

By: Paula Bernier    9/15/2015

Oracle recently came out with an updated version of its application orchestrator. New with this release is the ability to deploy and manage physical a…

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Overture Networks Adds Five Members to Harmony Partner Ecosystem

By: Casey Houser    9/9/2015

Overture Networks, provider of the Ensemble OSA network functions virtualization (NFV) management platform, recently announced that it has added five …

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InterCloud System Shows Record Business Backlog of Over $38 Million

By: Michael Guta    8/26/2015

The explosive capacity demand of mobile technology, cloud computing and hosted services has forced network and data center operators to reevaluate the…

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Orchestration Outfit CENX Garners $12.5 Million in Funds

By: Paula Bernier    8/11/2015

Lifecycle service orchestration solution provider CENX today announced that it has raised $12.5 million in new funding.

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5G Network Collaboration Seen Between NEC and KT Corp

By: Joe Rizzo    8/7/2015

Fifth generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless systems, which we know simply as 5G, represents the next major phase of mobile telecommuni…

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JDSU Splits into Lumentum and Viavi

By: Paula Bernier    8/5/2015

Optical test and measurement powerhouse JDSU has made good on its plans to divide into two separately publicly traded companies. The split happened ea…

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ZTE Corporation Picked for China Mobile Open NFV Test Lab

By: Steve Anderson    7/16/2015

With network functions virtualization (NFV) adding new capability seemingly on a daily basis, it's not surprising that more organizations are getting …

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HP and NEC: Accelerating Adoption of NFV Technology

By: Joe Rizzo    7/16/2015

HP and NEC will be collaborating in an effort to advance the adoption of network functions virtualization (NFV) technology by communications service p…

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Cisco Invests in NFV Company 6WIND as Part of French Digital Strategy

By: Laura Stotler    7/8/2015

Cisco has been on a roll lately when it comes to acquiring or otherwise investing in innovative software companies. The latest coup is allocating fund…

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High Demand Created by SDN and NFV Presents Challenges for Operators

By: Joe Rizzo    6/25/2015

We are at a fascinating time when technology seems to evolve, change and mature at a much quicker pace than what we have been used to. The current dem…

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AT&T Releases Open-Source Hardware Specs for NFV

By: Tara Seals    6/23/2015

AT&T is releasing into open source the specifications for the commodity hardware that it will use to run its network appliances, once it converts to a…

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VaultLogix Announces VaultLogix Advantage 12.01 with ImagePlus to Create Onsite Backups

By: David Delony    6/17/2015

VaultLogix, a subsidiary of InterCloud Systems, has announced the availability of the latest version of its VaultLogix Advantage cloud backup software…

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