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Ericsson Puts Together NFV & SDN

By Paula Bernier February 25, 2016

Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking are two of the most prominent themes in networking today. They’re often mentioned in the same discussions. And now they are coming together in a new way, via Ericsson’s integration of its Cloud Manager and SDN Controller to orchestrate service and cloud infrastructure management.

This integration provides NFV management and SDN control in a single solution. As a result, operators like South Korea’s LG Uplus that use it are expected to see more cost-effective transitions to virtualization because hybrid environments can now be activated, provisioning, and managed from a single control point, which can deliver end-to-end visibility and control of both physical and virtual resources, and looks at both network and service layers. And it works even in scenarios in which third parties are involved.

"Our customers' strategic plans include moving as quickly as feasible to dynamic virtual environments for fast time-to-market and reduced operating costs,” said Ove Anebygd, vice president and head of solution area OSS/BSS business unit support solutions at Ericsson. “The integration of Ericsson Cloud Manager and Ericsson SDN Controller opens the door for operators to add value to offerings by making them on-demand and amenable to feature-rich ecosystems from third-party providers. Our initial work with LG Uplus demonstrates the impact that integrated cloud capabilities can have in streamlining virtualization migrations."

Ericsson and much of the rest of the wireless world are at Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona. The company issued a wide variety announcement at that show; that included the unveiling of new offerings aimed at delivering LTE at peak rates of 1Gbps, enabling communications service providers to deliver more consistent and targeted solutions to customers, and helping those CSPs get solutions to market more quickly and efficiently.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Executive Editor, TMC

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Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking are two of the most prominent themes in networking today. They're often mentioned in …

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