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Oracle Releases New Application Orchestrator

By Paula Bernier September 15, 2015

Oracle recently came out with an updated version of its application orchestrator. New with this release is the ability to deploy and manage physical and virtual network functions, support for composite network functions, and the potential to expedite integration with third-party virtual network functions by using a new plug-in development kit.

An orchestrator does OSS coordination of network elements, and can act as a central source to collect, analyze, and act on data received from network elements, which can be from different vendors.

The company will be at the NFV Everywhere Americas event later this week in Dallas talking about the Oracle Communications Application Orchestrator and about how organization can benefit from network functions virtualization.

According to a November report by SNS Research, the NFV and SDN market will be worth nearly $10 billion this year, and will experience compound annual growth rate of 37 percent over the next five years. Spending on NFV and SDN orchestration platforms are expected to do even better than that, however, SNS Research opines. The firm forecasts the orchestration platform category will see compound annual grow of nearly 60 percent between now and 2020, when orchestration platforms will account for $1.7 billion in revenue.

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“The NFV orchestration market is still evolving,” according to Heavy Reading in an April study on the topic. “During 2015 it will become much clearer whether the biggest players will take a grip on the market, or whether the specialists and smaller vendors will be able to expand out of their niches and develop a platform play that encompasses NFV. If they can't, but their technology is sound, then expect merger and acquisition activity.”

Among the companies profiled in the Heavy Reading report are Amartus Ltd. (whose software assets were purchased by Huawei in July), Brocade Communications Systems Inc., Ciena Corp., Comptel Corp., Cyan Inc. (which Ciena in May announced plans to buy), Extreme Networks, Nakina Systems, Overture Networks, and Telco Systems. 

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Executive Editor, TMC

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