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VaultLogix Announces VaultLogix Advantage 12.01 with ImagePlus to Create Onsite Backups

By David Delony June 17, 2015

VaultLogix, a subsidiary of InterCloud Systems, has announced the availability of the latest version of its VaultLogix Advantage cloud backup software.

The biggest new feature of VaultLogix Advantage 12.01 is the addition of ImagePlus, which creates local backups without an appliance.

"To assist businesses in solving the longstanding issue of identifying a cost effective solution for backup and disaster recovery, VaultLogix has added a powerful new feature to its industry-leading cloud backup product," said Tim Hannibal, senior vice president of cloud solutions at VaultLogix. "For businesses interested in cost savings, Advantage with ImagePlus eliminates the need for expensive backup software solutions from Symantec, StorageCraft, Acronis and others.”

VaultLogix’s selling point is its combination of both onsite and offsite backups in one solution.

By storing local backup images, customers can save money by sending only crucial offsite backups instead of sending all their data to a backup provider. They can also backup data more frequently than if they had to send large images, ensuring business continuity if something does go wrong. The severe weather that parts of the U.S. have seen this year is a good reason for businesses to reassess their backup policies. ImagePlus is included free of charge with VaultLogix Advantage.

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The new release is one of the fruits of InterCloud’s acquisition of VaultLogix in the fall of last year.

"InterCloud continues to roll out new next generation cloud products and services in order to offer our customers and resellers leading edge solutions with the reliability they demand,” InterCloud CEO Mark Munro said. “The management and development teams at VaultLogix have executed well since joining our portfolio and have a roadmap of new cloud data protection and cloud replication products selected for release in the second half of 2015. We look forward to their continued success in these markets."

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