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Techorus Scales with Infinera's Cloud Xpress

By Paula Bernier April 21, 2016

Japanese company NHN Techorus Corp. is using Infinera Cloud Xpress to interconnect its Tokyo data centers and enable those facilities to scale, the companies have announced.

Techorus provides ecommerce, IT infrastructure, and managed services primarily in Tokyo and Osaka areas. It acquired the Infinera technology through Nissho Electronics, an Infinera partner.

Cloud Xpress, which Infinera introduced in 2014, supports up to 1tbps of input and output in two rack units; a 500Gbps super channel of WDM line side bandwidth over 150km without the need for amps or muxes, or up to 600km with amps; and SDN-based APIs enable Cloud Xpress to plug into existing cloud provisioning systems.

Infinera last month unveiled a multi-terabit optical subsystem with improved optical wave division multiplexing performance. Called the Infinite Capacity Engine, this solution delivers optical super-channel capacity up to 2.4 terabits per second and reach up to 12,000 kilometers.

And late last year it introduced new metro and long-haul solutions aimed at addressing the shift from 10gig to 100gig. That included the DTN-X XT Series, a point-to-point solution for long-haul applications, and the DTN-X XTC-2 and XTC-2E 100G platforms optimized for OTN switched metro and regional networks.

“Infinera can now address the entire WDM market – which we expect to top $15 billion by 2019 — from the edge to the core and across both traditional service provider and internet content provider applications,” Andrew Schmitt, senior principal analyst at IHS Technology, said at the time.

The consulting and research firm says Ciena, Cisco, and Infinera are the optical equipment leaders in the marketplace.

“Ciena is hitting on all cylinders as the second-largest WDM optical equipment provider, seizing market share in 2014 while also making progress in the packet-optical transport domain,” according to the research firm. Cisco’s strong balance sheet and brand give it “first-mover advantage in integration of the IP and optical layers,” according to the firm. Meanwhile, IHS says that Infinera is benefitting from outstanding customer perceptions and large market share gains.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

Executive Editor, TMC

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