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Amdocs Transforming the Customer Experience from the Network to the Front End

By Laura Stotler October 14, 2015

During the past 34 years, Amdocs has transformed itself from a communications billing company into a customer experience and care specialist. The company embraces a “New World of Customer Experience” in which users drive interactions through the device of their choice.

Amdocs is now in the business of enabling carriers to seamlessly connect with their end users through any type of device, network or location. The company offers BSS and OSS solutions but is largely focused on supporting the customer experience and creating contextual experiences for customers that enhance their interactions with carriers and service providers.

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TMC CEO Rich Tehrani recently got a chance to speak to Manuel Zepeda, division president, CALA at Amdocs as part of TMC’s On the Road Dallas 2015 series in September. According to Zepeda, today’s consumers have some pretty major demands and want to be connected on a 24/7 basis. This theory is certainly in line with the omnichannel view of customer care, requiring companies to reach and support their customers in innovative ways, driven by customer demand.

Amdocs facilitates this interaction and experience through a variety of offerings, including customer and revenue management, digital lifestyle services, OSS and support services, NFV and cloud management solutions and more. “We take the data that’s provided and we’re able to correlate and make sense of that data so that you as a consumer can actually access the information and have more innovation in the palm of your hands,” said Zepeda.

For Amdocs customers, which include carriers, operators and service providers of all sizes, that means support from the back end through to customer-facing applications and services.

“It encompasses everything from the network up to customer care,” said Zepeda of Amdocs’ offerings. “What it does is it allows a carrier to make sense of you [the customer].”

That philosophy has been consistent with the company’s innovations this year, including the recent introduction of the Amdocs Service Design and Create NFV/SDN solution. The offering lets service providers design, test and launch new agile network services quickly and easily through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

To learn more about how Amdocs is transforming the customer experience, view the full video below:

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

NFVZone Contributing Editor

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