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New ADTRAN VNF Suite Lets Service Providers Virtualize CPE-Based Telecom Functions

By Laura Stotler August 31, 2015

An increasing number of service providers are utilizing network function virtualization (NFV) to streamline their operations, save money and improve efficiencies. ADTRAN is aiming to make things easier for them with the announcement of its new Virtual Network Function (VNF) suite of solutions, geared toward telecom and cable service providers.

The new offerings enable customers to easily migrate from customer premises equipment to virtualized, software-based network solutions without dealing with an impact on performance or efficiency. Using the customizable set of VNFs, service providers may smoothly deploy NFV solutions and eliminate the costs and hassle of maintaining multiple VMs and guest operating systems.

The VNF suite is unique in that it is based on ADTRAN’s existing on-premises networking solutions while addressing the challenges of NFV. The company has virtualized important functions found in its CPE offerings like routers, firewalls, eSBCs and voice quality monitoring, valuable features for telecom service providers. Customers have the option of bundling the options into a single VNF and can benefit from easy and quick deployment along with flexibility and scalability to accommodate a fluctuating number of customers and locations.

"ADTRAN has long provided open architecture throughout its entire portfolio of solutions and services to pre-position our customers for a smooth transition to virtual networks,” said Chris Thompson, director, customer device portfolio, ADTRAN. “Our expertise in bridging the end-to-end network - from the carrier to the enterprise - gives us unique insight into what service providers need from their VNF functionality. Giving providers the option to bundle multiple networking functions into a single VNF eases deployment headaches, improves efficiency and lowers expenses."

Service providers also have the option of picking and choosing which network function they wish to virtualize, enabling the creation of service chains from multiple vendors. Ultimately, ADTRAN’s offerings are designed to help service providers as they gradually move away from CPE solutions to a more efficient and flexible NFV architecture.

Edited by Peter Bernstein

NFVZone Contributing Editor

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