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Accanto Names Dr. Stefan Vallin to Newly-Created Role

By Alicia Young November 03, 2016

No matter what industry a business is a part of, choosing the right person to fill a position can often be a time-consuming, stressful task. It’s essential to make sure that the right person is chosen the first time around, and the importance of this decision seems to increase the higher up the position is. In tech, this decision is even more paramount because whoever is hired can potentially have a huge impact on the direction the company takes in the future. Accanto Systems just had to go through this process, and chose to appoint Stefan Vallin for its newly-created role of NFV Chief Architect.

Accanto Systems, headquartered in Finland, offers a network orchestration and quality management platform called StratOSS. The platform is focused on improving customer experience by automating and optimizing the management of physical and virtual networks. By doing so, service providers are able to focus on use cases that deliver business value. According to Accanto, its management and engineering teams have experience in multiple operator deployments in both the mobile and fixed domain. It decided to improve upon its team and offering further by creating the role of NFV chief architect, and it looks like Vallin is more than qualified for the job.

Vallin comes to the position with more than 25 years of network and service management experience under his belt. Previous to this appointment, he led Cisco’s network service orchestration efforts as principal engineer. Before that, he was the director of product strategy at Tail-f, which was acquired by Cisco. Vallin has also led the OSS business at Data Ductus, where he primarily worked with the HP and Ericsson OSS portfolios for global service providers. Additionally, he served as a network management specialist at Ericsson.

Clearly, Vallin has quite an impressive resume. His experiences are all completely relevant to his new position, and he’s worked for some major players in the space. Jarkko Multanen, the chief executive of Accanto Systems, can’t wait to have Vallin join the team: “I am truly delighted to announce that Stefan is joining Accanto. He brings a deep understanding of the networking space. As we continue to transform as an [organization] and support our existing and future customers, Stefan’s experience will be invaluable.”

Vallin shares the same sentiment, saying, “I’m thrilled to be joining Accanto Systems at such an important time in its growth and transformation. I look forward to working with our customers and partners as we further develop our products and solutions.”

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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