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NEC, Netcracker Release Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice

By Casey Houser May 12, 2016

NEC and Netcracker Technology have joined forces to help service providers use software-defined networking to streamline the way in which they offer customer-facing services.

With the launch of their Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice (AVP), the pair gives businesses a set of applications that can help them plan and create new services while learning how to deploy and manage a fully virtualized network. NEC Executive Vice President Shunichiro Tejima said this release is about mitigating risk and giving clients complete access to NEC’s and Netcracker’s experience.

“AVP is more than just a standalone product or a point solution,” Tejima said. “It allows service providers to access NEC and Netcracker’s deep-rooted industry expertise across all stages of virtualization deployment. Service providers are challenged to commercialize their SDN/NFV initiatives and launch them, at scale, into the market. With AVP, we can reduce the time-to-market for SDN/NFV deployments and help remove much of the risk associated with digital transformations.”

These transformations can begin with the AVP Virtualization Development and Operations Center. This application brings a lot of tools to the workbench. First, it tries to bring together various departments and business partners into a single communications space. Software development teams, project managers, heads of corporations, and investors and partners can all use the Operations Center to provide their two cents about how a project should take shape. Everyone can then witness how a project has progressed while developers use the Operation Center’s built-in service components to quicken development.

The projects built within the Operations Center can then attach to components that are part of AVP’s Business Enablement Applications. These application components provide micro-services that can make it easier for large projects to monetize their activities. By attaching to these small components, businesses should have an easier time reaching a wide audience and finding revenue.

The Hybrid Operations Management center also works with the Virtualization Deployment and Operations Center. These two units make sure that service providers can automate various internal services such as network management, quality assurance, and stability. Together, they create a loop of data between existing products and development environments to make sure that businesses are taking full advantage of their resources and able to effectively use traditional and virtualized networks in tandem.

Finally, the Primary Systems Integration Practice unit of the AVP acts as the underlying harbinger of change within a service provider. It forces heads of businesses to capture their mission statements and define a plan of action for virtualizing an entire network. It then works with business heads every step of the process to make sure that they properly use multiple vendor software and hardware to make software-defined networking a reality. In the end, it completes the cycle of the newest business transformation tools from NEC and Netcracker, which mean to define and support network development in all areas.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

Contributing Writer

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