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RADCOM Announces MaveriQ Manager, Transition to NFV

By David Delony July 16, 2015

RADCOM has announced that it has completed the virtualization of its MaveriQ Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution with the launch of MaveriQ Manager.

"This release is the culmination of the massive investment we have undertaken to make RADCOM the clear choice for NFV-based CEM solutions for service providers," RADCOM president and CEO David Ripstein said. "The NFV transition we foresaw two years ago is now happening, with up to 40 percent of service providers forecast to deploy and/or trial NFV solutions during the coming year. Our ability to deliver a full NFV-based solution is opening the doors to a different scale of opportunities, especially in North America, which is leading the transition to NFV. As these deals play out, we believe that we will be building the business to a whole new level."

With the move to NFV, RADCOM says that its entire solution can run in the cloud. The MaveriQ Manager VNF (Virtual Network Function) manager interfaces with the orchestration and infrastructure layers. With cloud-based solutions, carriers can scale up quickly to meet increased demand, while saving money during quieter periods by not having extra capacity they aren’t using.

MaveriQ Manager handles virtual probe instantiation and both virtual and horizontal scaling. It’s designed to create self-healing networks, replacing faulty virtual components with functional ones.

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NFV is appealing to a growing number of carriers because it lets them keep with the increasing demands on their networks while meeting their customers’ standards for reliability. Instead of rewiring physical switches and routers, they can just create more virtualized networking functions to add more capacity quickly.

Cloud and NFV solutions save money by eliminating a lot of the capital expenditures in installing new servers and networking equipment, shifting toward operating expenses instead. They can also lower their operating expenses by only paying for the capacity.

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