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InterCloud Receives Good News with New Contracts-Can it Continue?

By: Christopher Mohr    2/1/2016

InterCloud recently announced that it had been awarded several contracts for its services totaling $1.3 million, including a $450,000 deal with the St…

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British Telecom Launches BT Connect Intelligence IWAN Globally

By: Michael Guta    1/28/2016

Network management has always been a complicated, labor-intensive and expensive task, but today's infrastructure requires even more resources. This ha…

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CyrusOne Partners with Megaport to Connect Enterprise Customers to the Cloud

By: David Delony    1/27/2016

Colocation provider CyrusOne has announced that it has signed a deal with elastic connectivity provider Megaport to offer SDN-enabled elastic cloud in…

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DragonWave Puts Focus on Backhaul with Harmony Enhanced MC

By: Steve Anderson    1/26/2016

SDN is gaining a lot of ground as a means to provide more and better services for the same or even less cost overall. By removing powerful and expensi…

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Allied Telesis Releases SDN Solution for Enterprise and Government Organizations

By: Laura Stotler    1/26/2016

IP and Ethernet network solutions provider Allied Telesis has released new software defined networking (SDN) code specifically geared toward enterpris…

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Verizon Joins the ONOS Project

By: Michael Guta    1/22/2016

Telecom and network vendors have been contributing towards the growth of ONOS, a collaborative project at The Linux Foundation, to introduce new innov…

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Telstra Announces SDN Marketplace, Expanded System

By: John Casaretto    1/21/2016

The benefits of Software Defined Networking (SDN) have made many technology professionals disciples of its capabilities and potential. SDN allows prof…

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Riverbed Furthers SDN Strategy with Ocedo Acquisition

By: Rory Lidstone    1/20/2016

Riverbed Technology is a company that knows what its customers want. For an example, look no further than the company's recent Global Application Perf…

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SDN Ongoing Growth Affirmed as Big Switch Networks Secures Financing

By: Rory J. Thompson    1/20/2016

One of the biggest 'buzzes' going on in technology these days is the rise of SDN, or software defined networking. That buzz was affirmed yet again rec…

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OpenDaylight Searches for Student Developers Interested in SDN and NFV

By: Clayton Hamshar    1/18/2016

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) have produced an innovative approach to computer networking that brings a…

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F5 Networks Releases Report on Application Delivery

By: Casey Houser    1/18/2016

For two years running, F5 Networks has analyzed the landscape of application delivery by asking prominent businesses across the globe how they are pro…

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Driving DevOps: The 5 New Requirements for Agile App Delivery

By: Special Guest    1/18/2016

The benefits DevOps can provide for an enterprise are nothing less than the framework for staying competitive in an era defined by change. Now the que…

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SDN, NFV Markets Poised for Huge Revenue Gains in Next Five Years

By: Steve Anderson    12/8/2015

More and more businesses are taking advantage of the benefits offered by software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).…

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Trio of Suppliers Creates OpenFastPath Foundation

By: Paula Bernier    12/8/2015

ARM, Enea, and Nokia Networks last week announced the creation of the OpenFastPath Foundation. The effort aims to accelerate the delivery of software-…

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Enterprise ICT Improvement through SDN and NFV

By: Joe Rizzo    12/8/2015

Anyone who has set up network departments and datacenters knows how difficult it is to maintain numerous systems, services and functions. Information …

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Neotel Deploys ADVA Optical Networking and Juniper Networks Solutions

By: Frank Griffin    12/4/2015

Networks around the world are deploying the best technology to manage their traffic with more efficiency to deliver services to their customers withou…

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Service Providers With SDN & NFV Well Positioned to Capture Cloud Market

By: Frank Griffin    12/4/2015

Cloud technology is delivering services in the ICT sector with more efficiency and at better price points than traditional methods. With more cloud se…

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OpenFlow Bestows Huawei with World's First Agile Switch Certification

By: David Delony    11/30/2015

Huawei has announced that its S12700 agile switch has received OpenFlow version 1.3 certification, making it the first modular switch in the world to …

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Extreme Networks Launches New Access Points

By: Casey Houser    11/23/2015

Extreme Networks, a developer of networking software and hardware, recently announced the expansion of its portfolio that now includes high-density 80…

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Aria Networks Wins Catalyst Program Award

By: David Delony    11/20/2015

Aria Networks provides tools to optimize network planning and capacity, as well as consulting. Recently, it announced winning an award for "Most Signi…

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