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GlobeNet's New Virtualization Service Takes Work on the Road

By: Steve Anderson    3/15/2016

Virtualization can be a big step forward when it comes to managing operations remotely. Virtualization can be put to work on a variety of tasks, from …

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ONOS Releases Falcon with Help from Growing Community

By: Rory Lidstone    3/15/2016

The ONOS Project was formed to go against closed, proprietary and inflexible network architecture. Its main weapon in combating this trend is the ONOS…

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Radisys Becomes CORD Systems Integrator, Contributing Member to Mobile CORD

By: Rory Lidstone    3/15/2016

Considering the way it has dedicated itself to SDN and NFV lately, it seems Radisys Corporation is committed to supporting the transformation of old p…

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Huawei's End-to-End SDN Solution Completes EANTC Interoperability Testing

By: Rory Lidstone    3/14/2016

Huawei recently made a major interoperability announcement at the 2016 MPLS&SDN&NFV World Congress. In particular, the company successfully participat…

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MetTel WAN Customers Benefit from VeloCloud Virtualization Partnership

By: Laura Stotler    3/14/2016

One of the greatest benefits of network virtualization is an open and interoperable atmosphere that fosters partnerships and collaboration. That is ve…

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451 Research Expects Growth of SDI Spending

By: Casey Houser    3/14/2016

Big news for the software-defined infrastructure (SDI) market emanated from last week's release of the 451 Research's recent "Voice of the Enterprise"…

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ADARA Networks, CALIENT Technologies Plan Big New SDN Demonstrations

By: Steve Anderson    3/14/2016

It's hard to refuse a system that can generate savings like that, since it has the tendency to pay for itself over a sufficiently long term. A system …

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Microsoft Wants to Bring SDN to Cloud Data Centers with SONiC

By: Rory Lidstone    3/11/2016

Microsoft has thrown its full support behind SDN with the release of a new set of open source software components for switches and other networking de…

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2015 Great for Monolith Software's Growth

By: Steve Anderson    3/10/2016

Versatility is a vital part of just about any business, and Monolith seems to have made a very clear case for itself on the strength of that versatili…

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New Lenovo, Juniper Partnership Means Advances in the Data Center

By: Steve Anderson    3/9/2016

Recently a new partnership was announced between Lenovo and Juniper Networks that once again served to underscore the growing importance of the data c…

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Gilat to Provide Gogo With Next-Generation Airborne IP Network Modem System

By: Michael Guta    3/7/2016

In October of 2015, Gilat launched its distributed X-Architecture to address the ever growing demands of High-Throughput Satellites (HTS) for SkyEdge …

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RAD and Versa Networks Joint NFV Solution Offers Lower Cost, Greater Agility

By: Rory Lidstone    3/7/2016

The solution leverages RAD's ETX-2i, a vCPE platform for the customer edge, integrating a powerful IP and carrier Ethernet NID/NTU with a field plugga…

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Polatis Launches Industry's Highest Port Count All-Optical Cross Connect

By: Frank Griffin    3/4/2016

Network optimization with Network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networks (SDN) has resulted in better performance across the boar…

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British Service Provider: Businesses Don't Understand SDN

By: Paula Bernier    3/4/2016

Eighty six percent of businesses don't understand software-defined networking and 95 percent lack an understanding of the benefits SDN could provide t…

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Cisco's DNA Strategy Addresses Automation, Cloud, Virtualization for the Enterprise

By: Paula Bernier    3/2/2016

The enterprise networking business of Cisco today announced its Digital Network Architecture strategy. Cisco says the introduction of DNA represents i…

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Telefonica and Juniper Networks Enforce Rich Content Delivery Through New Infrastructure Delivery

By: Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan    2/29/2016

Content providers strive to provide the best experience to the end-user. This means speed, resolution and easy access to on-demand content. As content…

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Radisys Releases Two SDN-Enabled FlowEngine Platforms

By: Rory Lidstone    2/25/2016

The TDE-500, meanwhile, offers maximum SDN and NFV deployment flexibility for distributed edge sites or core data center networks. It also supports th…

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AirHop Communications' New eSON360 Bolsters Network Performance

By: Steve Anderson    2/23/2016

AirHop's eSON360 is a new breed of self-organizing network (SON) system that not only makes it easier to put a new network in place, but also makes it…

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SIAE Microelettronica Evolves SM-OS with SDN Support

By: Rory Lidstone    2/23/2016

Lately, it seems as though software defined networking (SDN) is on the verge of taking over IT.

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Addition of Centina Helps Broaden Ciena's Orbit

By: NFVZone Staff    2/23/2016

Many vendors have created ecosystems through which they prove interoperability with and otherwise collaborate with other network solutions suppliers i…

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