New Partnership Helps Service Providers with SDN

By Frank Griffin March 30, 2017

The digital world we now live in is creating an extraordinary amount of data that is placing unprecedented demands on networks. High bandwidth services from mobile devices, video consumption, cloud and the billions of devices that will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) are some of the technologies responsible for this demand. For network operators, supporting this new reality means having programmable dynamic networks end to end that automate service provisions and restoration. The new partnership between Packet Design and NEC/Netcracker is going to help service providers implement software-defined networking (SDN) applications so they can lower costs, add new streams of revenue and improve service quality by creating flexible networks capable of handling the demands of today's digital ecosystem.

Packet Design develops technology designed to effectively manage and improve highly complex networks and make them more available with better performance while improving customer experience and mitigating the risk from change. This is achieved through its real-time telemetry and analytics that power intelligent automation by SDN controllers and service orchestrators in multi-layer, multi-vendor ecosystems.

“WAN-SDN analytics are critical because it’s extremely difficult to create flexible networks that automatically accommodate operators’ varied service offerings and dynamic traffic loads. With this partnership, the concept of a self-healing, self-optimizing network is here, enabling service providers to benefit from SDN more quickly and with less risk,” said Scott Sherwood, Packet Design CEO.

The partnership is going to integrate Packet Design’s real-time analytics with NEC/Netcracker's Transport SDN solution, including Transport SDN Controller and Service Orchestration solutions, to provide everything from rapid services activation to automated path restoration to running networks hotter. Operators will be able to ensure optimal network service delivery by managing planned and unexpected changes.

The Open RESTful APIs from Packet Design provide programmatic access to micro-services for building custom SDN applications and enabling intelligent provisioning of network services. The APIs can be used by network operators to develop their own custom SDN applications and populate customer portals with service-specific performance metrics. The Packet Design platform helps operators optimize the use of the network assets and increase the service agility.

Together, Packet Design and NEC/Netcracker will provide real-time network telemetry with predictive analytics that has policy-based path computation along with orchestration and the necessary APIs to create new services that can be introduced to market much quicker.

“Service providers are early adopters of SDN, but they need the technical know-how and capabilities that Packet Design and NEC/Netcracker have built over the last two decades. By combining Packet Design’s always-current telemetry and analytics with NEC/Netcracker’s policy-driven Transport SDN solution, service providers can create service differentiation ahead of their competition,” said Rahul Chandra, Vice President of Worldwide SDN/NFV Business Development at Netcracker.

The new partnership will have Packet Design becoming part of the NEC/Netcracker’s Ecosystem 2.0 program, and together they will jointly market and sell the combined SDN solutions. They are currently certifying the interoperability of their products before a joint go-to-market program.

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Edited by Alicia Young

Contributing Writer

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