New Partnership Between Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and NEC Yields Mobile SDN Advances

By Steve Anderson April 19, 2016

Partnership efforts tend to lead to great benefits, as each side of the equation brings its own special skills and experience to the table. Recently, one such partnership yielded great new benefits as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and NEC got together to drive further productivity gains for the workplace with new advances in software-defined networking (SDN) for mobile use.

The new partnership brings together HPE and Aruba's—which is itself part of HPE—combined wireless networking portfolio and NEC's SDN solutions line to produce some interesting new options. For one, NEC's line of SDN controllers and switches will be connected with the Aruba / HPE line of switches, controllers, routers, network management, network access control (NAC) and wireless access points. The resulting new products will be made available first in Japan and Australia, then move into Europe and North and South America later on. Additionally, using these new tools is expected to bring in better agility and provide much of the backbone required for new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT).

NEC executive vice president Kimihiko Fukuda commented “The Integration of NEC’s SDN technologies and HPE and Aruba Mobile First technologies will result in comprehensive solutions that help our customers worldwide enhance their productivity. We also see complementary value to jointly collaborating in areas such as security and the Internet of Things (IoT).” That was a point assented by HPE Networking senior vice president and general manager Dominic Orr, who noted the “...years of joint collaboration...” the duo was bringing together to produce its new lineup.

A partnership effort like this does have a great potential to produce results, as it's able to work in several different areas at once. It's offering that backbone for IoT operations—which aren't likely to lose much ground any time soon thanks to the sheer range of options the field contains—and it also offers a means to improve agility, security, and several other fronts. A system that can offer that much improvement across that many different areas of operation is all but begging to be put to use, and HPE / NEC can take advantage of a market with clear demand.

SDN in general is offering plenty of value in the market, and with HPE and NEC working together to advance the field, it should find a market that's eager to bring its new products on board. A generally shaky economy may reduce the impact of the operation at first, but a value proposition like this won't be easily ignored, giving the duo a good chance at success.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

Contributing Writer

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