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NFV Will Be a Huge Part of Service Provider Lineups by 2017

By: Steve Anderson    8/25/2016

It was fairly easy to see that firms were getting behind network functions virtualization (NFV) in a big way, thanks to its ability to help take strai…

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Michael Brenner Joins GigaSpaces

By: Paula Bernier    8/19/2016

GigaSpaces has hired on Michael Brenner as chief architect for network functions virtualization. He'll lead the company's standards effort for NFV and…

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Dorado Software to Demonstrate Redcell MANO Lifecycle Management

By: Michael Guta    8/17/2016

Each year the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) brings together the leading organizations in the public and private sector in ICT so they can showcase the l…

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Maximizing Virtualization Investments in the Middle East

By: Special Guest    8/15/2016

In technology, we often seem seduced into chasing the latest shiny object. Cloud! Containers! Orchestration! IoT! Big Data! These are all well and goo…

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ADLINK Technology to Showcase Predictive Maintenance and NFV at IDF16

By: Michael Guta    8/12/2016

If all goes as predicted, the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to deliver unprecedented growth for the U.S. GDP, with GE economist Marco …

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New Moves from the Broadband Forum May Make NFV More Relevant

By: Steve Anderson    8/10/2016

Network functions virtualization (NFV) has for quite some time now been a staple of many offices and high-end data center environments. One thing it h…

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Cirrus Core Networks Selects Epsilon to Support its NFV Based LTE Infrastructure

By: Michael Guta    8/9/2016

Next generation mobile services require a network infrastructure that is much smarter than traditional hardware based systems. As more solutions conti…

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Analyst Firm Recognizes Huawei; Enterprise Unit Names New President

By: Paula Bernier    8/5/2016

Huawei has been recognized by Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan for enabling communications services providers to deliver value-added services via its VAS…

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TIM Brazil, Huawei Upgrade Mobile Network Before Olympic Games

By: Casey Houser    8/5/2016

Expecting a surge of user traffic during the weeks of this year's summer Olympics in Brazil, national mobile operator TIM Brazil began working with Hu…

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Wheelings & Dealings: Riverbed to Purchase Aternity

By: Paula Bernier    7/28/2016

Riverbed Technology today announced plans to buy Aternity. The deal, for which the terms were not disclosed, is expected to close next month.

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Juniper Networks and Verizon Deliver Increased Agility to Enterprises

By: Frank Griffin    7/26/2016

The always on and connected world in which businesses operate requires that they be able to add, drop or change services on demand, with rapid deliver…

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ADVA Optical Networking's Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem Announces More Members

By: Michael Guta    7/26/2016

In today's highly dynamic and competitive digital landscape, service providers and enterprises have to respond to the needs of their customers as soon…

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Etisalat Launches its First Virtual Telecom Function With Affirmed Networks' vEPC

By: Frank Griffin    7/22/2016

Telecom operators around the world are facing incredible network challenges for the mobile services they provide. And as 5G networks are ready to get …

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Verizon's Virtual Network Services Brings New Options for Enterprise

By: Steve Anderson    7/22/2016

Verizon, more specifically Verizon Enterprise Solutions, has been hard at work developing both a strategy for network functions virtualization (NFV) a…

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Reports Indicate Brisk Service Provider Spending on NFV

By: Paula Bernier    7/20/2016

Service provider spending on network functions virtualization, including hardware, software and services, is forecast to reach $15.5 billion by 2020. …

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Open Platform @ Lenovo System Means Powerful New Data Centers

By: Steve Anderson    6/30/2016

Data centers are increasingly seen as value providers for businesses, and with good reason. Increasing demand for data center services and the tools t…

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What to Do When Customers Want Your Data as Much as They Want Your Products

By: Special Guest    6/30/2016

Companies today are realizing that the data they generate is sometimes even more valuable to customers than the products they sell. Consequently, many…

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Moving into the Digital Age

By: Special Guest    6/20/2016

Many companies in traditional industries (such as manufacturing, oil & gas, healthcare, and transportation) have embraced the digital age to gain a co…

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The Storage Advantage in BioTech: How You Can Get More for Less

By: Special Guest    6/15/2016

Perhaps no industry has more demand for storage and data management than Life Sciences. Research produces massive amounts of data, stretching beyond t…

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New IP Agency Gets New Member in Ixia, Along With New Test Options

By: Steve Anderson    6/3/2016

The New IP Agency (NIA) has been working hard providing information and analysis options to its membership and beyond, with the end goal of bringing o…

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