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Survey Presents Views on Open MANO

By: Paula Bernier    6/6/2017

More than a quarter of respondents to a recent survey said they won't even consider using open source management and network orchestration solutions.

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NFV, Accompanying Markets Primed for Growth

By: Steve Anderson    6/6/2017

A new report from Market Research Reports puts the NFV, SDN and network virtualization markets at a good place for growth.

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The Role of DevOps in Averting Digital Transformation Chaos

By: Michael Segal    6/2/2017

Today's business environment has proven ripe for disruption, and, in the face of fast-growing market entrants, most enterprises have begun shifting st…

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Accedian PM Solution Addresses NFV Environments

By: Paula Bernier    6/1/2017

Accedian has come out with a new version of its performance assurance solution SkyLIGHT. New with this release is network functions virtualization per…

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ABI Research Predicts Big Gains in NFV

By: Steve Anderson    5/25/2017

The NFV market ahead should see some big gains to come, as ABI Research tracks the market through 2022.

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Telstra Unveils its Network-as-a-Service with SDN and NFV

By: Michael Guta    5/24/2017

Telstra announced it will be offering Network-as-a-Service in an integrated platform with software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtu…

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Google Shows Off NFV-based Wi-Fi Operations

By: Steve Anderson    5/18/2017

Google gets together with Indian rail firm RailTel to show off a carrier-class Wi-Fi system generated using NFV.

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ETSI Open Source MANO Adds New Capabilities With Release TWO

By: Michael Guta    5/11/2017

ETSI Open Source MANO (OSM) group has added new capabilities for Release TWO, including SDN and a plug-in to support public and hybrid cloud deploymen…

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SevOne's New NFV System Means Better Service

By: Steve Anderson    5/10/2017

The new NFV solution from Red Hat and SevOne should give communications service providers new capability in the field.

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Groups Launch Open Broadband Laboratory Asia

By: Paula Bernier    5/4/2017

The Broadband Forum has forged a partnership with the SDN/NFV Industry Alliance to launch the Open Broadband Laboratory Asia. The lab will serve as a …

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China Mobile's Open NFV Testlab Brings ARM, Cavium and Enea

By: Frank Griffin    5/4/2017

A new agreement of cooperation signed by China Mobile, ARM, Cavium and Enea brings these organizations together to enable NFV infrastructure and key v…

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New MEF Certification Targets NFV, Others

By: Steve Anderson    5/3/2017

A new certification program from MEF targets a variety of virtualization points, including NFV among a slate of others.

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Hybrid Cloud: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

By: Michael Segal    5/3/2017

The global business environment has changed dramatically across all industries in recent years, and established organizations have to react quickly to…

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FatPipe Networks and Wind River Optimize NFV and SD-WAN Deployments

By: Frank Griffin    4/28/2017

FatPipe Networks and Wind River are collaborating to give service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers a solution to optimize and accelerate …

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Coriant Joins ONAP Project to Accelerate Open SDN/NFV Adoption

By: Michael Guta    4/28/2017

Coriant is now part of the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) Project to help accelerate the adoption of open standards for Software Defined Netw…

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Criterion Networks Updates its On-Demand SDN/NFV Platform

By: Frank Griffin    4/27/2017

Criterion Networks updates its On-Demand SDN/NFV platform to further accelerate, extend and deploy software-defined networking (SDN) and network funct…

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Enea Unveils NFV Core for VNF Enablement

By: Paula Bernier    4/27/2017

Enea has come out with a high availability platform called NFV Core. Aimed at telecom equipment companies and service providers, virtualized customer …

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Dimetis Brings Network Orchestrator to Market

By: Paula Bernier    4/26/2017

OSS developer Dimetis has come out with the OpsNGN orchestration platform. It supports both traditional and new network functions virtualization (NFV)…

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Procera Helps Vodafone Egypt Understand Network Performance

By: Paula Bernier    4/25/2017

Egypt's large mobile operator has selected Procera Networks to provide it with analytics technology. The PacketLogic solutions, including ScoreCard, e…

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Reliance Jio Plans New Partnership in NFV

By: Steve Anderson    4/19/2017

Reliance Jio now involved in major team effort with AT&T, the Linux Foundation and others to produce new advances in NFV and SDN.

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