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Three Tips for Better NFV Rollouts

By: Peter Scott    1/29/2016

Proof of concept is evolving into actual deployment when it comes to network functions virtualization. Communication service providers (CSPs) have lar…

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The Role of SDN and NFV in 5G

By: Joe Rizzo    1/28/2016

During last year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, there was some discussion concerning 5G technology. Throughout the year, companies began to tes…

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China Mobile Adopting NFV Solutions to Improve Telecommunications Structure

By: Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan    1/27/2016

China Mobile is migrating systems into smarter and more agile networks. To do this, they are adopting the ZTE Corporation's Network Function Virtualiz…

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Juniper Networks Picks Up BTI Systems, New Edge in Cloud & Networking

By: Steve Anderson    1/26/2016

New word from Juniper Systems is that the firm will soon have a real edge in the cloud and networking market as it has entered into an agreement to ac…

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BT Mobile Installs Openet NFV Platform for MVNO Business

By: Laura Stotler    1/26/2016

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) are fast becoming prime candidates for NFV adoption, taking advantage of its efficiencies and cost savings to …

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Netronome Debuts Agilio Server Networking Platform for Intelligent Data Offload

By: Laura Stotler    1/26/2016

Businesses of all sizes are under pressure to increase networking efficiencies while lowering cost, all while dealing with ever-increasing volumes of …

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Red Hat Spurs NFV Development in OpenStack

By: David Delony    1/26/2016

Red Hat has announced that it is promoting Network Function Virtualization technology in the OpenStack cloud computing platform.

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OpenStack Issues New NFV Report

By: Paula Bernier    1/22/2016

The OpenStack Foundation this week was trumpeting its success, saying it has emerged as the network functions virtualization infrastructure platform o…

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The Next 15 Years of SDN and NFV

By: Steve Anderson    1/15/2016

Right now, software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) are still comparatively new technologies. Since no new technol…

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ADVA Optical Networking Acquires Overture

By: Casey Houser    1/13/2016

ADVA Optical Networking, a developer of communications software and manufacturer of associated hardware, recently announced that it has acquired Overt…

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Intel Closes the Deal with Altera, Part of a Broader Trend

By: Paula Bernier    1/7/2016

Virtualization is clearly one of the leading new trends in networking today. In yet another development illustrating that fact, Intel has purchased Al…

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Virtualizing Security to Protect SDN and NFV Networks from Inherent Vulnerabilities

By: Special Guest    1/4/2016

Traditional telecoms networks are closed infrastructures protected by readily-available and mature security solutions. Today, the control plane is sep…

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How Virtualizing Security can Protect SDN and NFV Networks from Cyberattacks

By: Special Guest    1/4/2016

Telecommunications operators and similar communications service providers are excited about the opportunities that Software Defined Networks (SDN) and…

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Spanish Operator Taps Affirmed Networks for vEPC

By: Paula Bernier    12/14/2015

Aire Networks has chosen Affirmed Networks to provide it with a virtual evolved packet core solution, which will act as the centerpiece for its networ…

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Carriers Can Leverage Big Data, NFV & SDN to Contend with Viral Internet Events

By: Paula Bernier    12/8/2015

An article posted by SecurityWatch this week talks about the wildly popular YouTube video of Adele singing "Hello" and how unexpected viral videos lik…

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SUSE Joins OPNFV Project as Platinum Member

By: Rory Lidstone    12/8/2015

Provider of interoperable Linux, cloud infrastructure and storage solutions SUSE is joining the OPNFV Project as a Platinum member in order to advance…

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Bat Blue Obtains Patent for Cloud-based Network Security

By: Casey Houser    12/1/2015

Bat Blue Networks, a developer of cloud-based security software, recently announced that it has been granted a U.S. patent for what it calls "network …

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Veteran Telecom Hardware Player Adax Discusses Significance of NFV

By: Laura Stotler    12/1/2015

Any discussion on the future of telecom and mobility wouldn't be complete without factoring in network functions virtualization (NFV). Smart players i…

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Huawei and Wind River Finalize NFV Integration Test

By: Michael Guta    11/30/2015

The concept of network functions virtualization (NFV) was developed to accelerate the deployment of new network services by moving from propriety hard…

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ADVA, Juniper, Time Warner Cable Demo NFV at MEF Event

By: Paula Bernier    11/20/2015

ADVA Optical Networking, Juniper Networks, and Time Warner Cable Business Class were part of a network functions virtualization demonstration at GEN15…

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