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SevOne's New NFV System Means Better Service

By Steve Anderson May 10, 2017

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is a field that features constant change. Perhaps owing to the fact that it hasn't exactly been around long, there's something new cropping up here almost daily. One of the more recent additions to the field is a new NFV solution from SevOne and Red Hat, who, working together, have brought out a new solution that should mean great things for communications service providers (CSPs).

The new system from SevOne and Red Hat will provide the means to set up an NFV-driven infrastructure, which in turn will provide more insight on cloud operations, virtual network services, and more. With this understanding, it's hoped, will come new opportunities to improve efficiency and agility, and along with that, operating expenses.

With SevOne's contribution to this new whole, the system can detect when new virtual network functions (VNFs) are added to a system's overall operations. Plus, the system can also tell just where in the infrastructure—as long as it's driven by Red Hat's OpenStack Platform—these functions are operating. That means, in turn, better overall performance and improved results. Plus, with the new system in place, companies will be better able to use real-time analytics tools on the overall network and gain insight that way, as well as better automating the system thanks to expanded availability of application programming interfaces (APIs).

SevOne's CEO, Jack Sweeney, commented, “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Red Hat. This combined solution can help CSPs achieve much greater agility and efficiency, transform their business model to improve subscriber satisfaction, differentiate service offerings, and increase revenue to gain a competitive edge. This is a testament to our commitment to continually evolve and innovate towards best practices for managing next-generation, carrier-grade networks.”

Basically, the SevOne / Red Hat effort is an effort to take a system that's proven its value several times over in current operations and make it accessible—thus useful—to more operations. By bolstering the capability of NFV operations, these become more attractive to those companies that can put it to use. With more companies able to use NFV, that means more sales in NFV operations and a rising tide that effectively lifts all boats.

It's good news all around, and from the CSPs who will be better able to take advantage of NFV's value to the NFV providers who will have more potential sales targets, the end result should be welcome by most every part of the market.

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Edited by Alicia Young

Contributing Writer

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