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Groups Launch Open Broadband Laboratory Asia

By Paula Bernier May 04, 2017

Traditionally, networks have relied upon appliances with specialized hardware, nailed up connections, and proprietary technologies. But, as you probably already know, a movement is afoot to create more software-centric, flexible, and open networks.

Of course, that’s not as easy as it sounds. It will require both the delivery of new solutions from the vendor community and the testing of those solutions to ensure they’re interoperable with other vendors’ solutions that network operators want to implement.

With that in mind – and to promote the development of cloud evolution and network transformation – the Broadband Forum has forged a partnership with the SDN/NFV Industry Alliance to launch the Open Broadband Laboratory Asia. The lab will serve as a facility at which companies can do integration, staging, and testing of open source, commercial software, standards-based and vendor implementations.

“As operators look to bring the efficiencies of data centers and cloud technologies to the network, gradually transforming it to a software-based infrastructure, it is incredibly important that we speed up standards, testing, conformance, and best practice to ensure smarter, programmable and faster networks that deliver leading edge capability for operators and world-class experience for their customers,” said Broadband Forum Chairman Kevin Foster of BT. “This new lab facility is a strategic and natural evolution of the Forum's ongoing work on virtualization and cloud, with almost every project in our current scope now connected to these next-generation network technologies. We look forward to strengthening this work with the SDN/NFV Industry Alliance.”

The Broadband Forum is also involved with a variety of other projects, including

Cloud Central Office; Fixed Access Network Sharing; Network Enhanced Residential Gateway, which puts control in operators’ networks; SDN in the Access Network; and Virtual Business Gateway.

Edited by Alicia Young

Executive Editor, TMC

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Groups Launch Open Broadband Laboratory Asia

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