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Broadcom Launches New 100G Ethernet Controller for NFV

By Andrew Bindelglass April 19, 2017

Yesterday, Broadcom, a multinational digital connectivity provider, announced the release of a new controller product family, the BCM57454 NetXtreme E-Series. It is a 100G multi-host Ethernet controller that is designed to facilitate connections that are extremely powerful. It expands on previous generations of controllers, which were often either 25G or 50G. Those legacy controllers simply do not have the power to keep up with the processing speeds required for more advanced technology today.

One of the biggest advantages that these new controllers offer over the older models is the Smart Congestion Control Engine. This engine constantly monitors network speeds and the amount of data that is being processed, and adjusts power accordingly. It also uses smart algorithms to predict when fluctuations in data transmission are going to happen, meaning that the engine can be proactive and take care of surges before they happen. This approach is helpful for a number of reasons. First of all, it results in faster transmission speeds without having to wait for the controllers to catch up to spikes in use. The controller also allows for reduced energy costs by getting rid of inefficiencies and wasted energy that is used when it is not needed.

The fact that Broadcom has created a controller so powerful is an exciting development as developers attempt to implement newer, more powerful technologies. “With the support for NVIDIA’s GPUDirect RDMA technology, Broadcom’s 100Gb Ethernet controller enables NVIDIA GPU-accelerated clusters to deliver superior performance, scalability and efficiency for HPC, enterprise and deep learning applications,” said Paresh Kharya, Tesla Product Management Lead at NVIDIA. “Direct data transfer between Broadcom’s Ethernet controller and NVIDIA’s Tesla GPU increases bandwidth and minimizes GPU to GPU communication latency across Ethernet fabrics, opening avenues to address new computing challenges.”

In order for new technological developments to become seen as viable solutions, there needs to be a way to power those technologies effectively and efficiently. Creations like Broadcom’s new controller will thus be vital for technology to continue to develop.

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Edited by Alicia Young

Contributing Writer

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