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NETSCOUT Becomes Part of OPNFV to Advance NFV

By Michael Guta February 13, 2017

One of the challenges faced by organizations looking to adopt new information and communications technologies is the barriers of propriety hardware and software. This not only impedes efficiency, but it also delays the time it takes to introduce new products and services to market. The goal of the Open Platform for NFV Project (OPNFV) is to clear the path of obstacles with industry players to address the challenges they face. NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, provider of business assurance, a powerful combination of service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence solutions, has joined OPNFV as a Silver member to support and advance the organization's mission.

The OPNFV was created to provide a carrier-grade, integrated platform for consistent implementation of open standards and to advance software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) in a community-led and industry-supported open source framework. By bringing all these resources together under one initiative, OPNFV and its members have been responsible for increasing the adoption rate of NFV by enterprises and operators around the world.

NETSCOUT will become a key asset in the organization by providing security and monitoring solutions. The company's Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology continuously monitors the service delivery environment to quickly resolve issues that can cause business disruptions or impact user experience by identifying performance issues and providing insight into network-based security threats.

“We are honored to have NETSCOUT amongst our ranks and look forward to the wealth of knowledge they’ll bring to our community. Service assurance and security are important areas as NFV becomes deployed in real-world networks and we look forward to their contribution in this area,” said Heather Kirksey, director, OPNFV.

According to the company, as a Silver member it will be providing an important voice to support OPNFV and its quest to make NFV more available.

“As a leading player of security and service assurance technologies, we believe NETSCOUT’s expertise will allow us to make an invaluable contribution to OPNFV. In addition to benefitting the industry as a whole, our customers will also benefit from our participation, as NETSCOUT gains critical insights into leading-edge technologies,” said Dr. Vikram Saksena, chief solutions architect, NETSCOUT.

Some of the founding members of OPNFV, which are Platinum members, include AT&T, Brocade, Ericsson, HP, IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks, Red Hat and others.

By continuing to promote an open source network that brings together service providers, cloud and infrastructure vendors, developers, and customers together, OPNFV will speed up the development and deployment of NFV as network operators around the world look to find a more efficient way to manage the massive amount of traffic we continue to generate.

Edited by Alicia Young

Contributing Writer

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