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Juniper Networks and Verizon Deliver Increased Agility to Enterprises

By Frank Griffin July 26, 2016

The always on and connected world in which businesses operate requires that they be able to add, drop or change services on demand, with rapid delivery. Without a more hands-on control over this service environment, their ability to compete and thrive will be greatly diminished. The new partnership between Juniper Networks and Verizon will allow enterprises to more effectively choose the solutions they need for complete control over their network services.

Juniper announced it has become part of Verizon Enterprise Solutions' tech partner ecosystem, which is being driven by the shift that is taking place toward network function virtualization (NFV). Under this new arrangement, Juniper's Cloud CPE solution will serve as a foundational engine for Verizon's Virtual Network Services, which enables enterprises to transition to a virtual infrastructure model by delivering increased agility and on-demand resources.

With NFV, service providers can now better manage the services they offer with greater control because they can see how they are provisioned, purchased and consumed. This type of transparency lowers the operational complexities while increasing business agility to introduce new products and services to market much quicker.

This is where the Juniper Cloud CPE comes in play. As a fully modular open framework designed to support the open standards and protocols, as well as API integrations, it can seamlessly integrate into existing service provider environments, which makes it possible to offer enterprise customers multivendor capabilities. Additionally, the open framework can run a wide range of network functions from third-party vendors so service providers can have the flexibility and choice of applications they can offer to their business customers.

Verizon will now be able to choose virtualized network functions (VNFs) from six different vendors and run them all on the Juniper Cloud CPE solution. This type of flexibility allows Verizon's Virtual Network Services enterprise clients to maintain a competitive edge as software defined networking (SDN) and NFV continue to become the norm.

The Verizon Virtual Network Services is delivered as-a-service, which has transformed the network into software-based solutions running on open platforms. This new delivery is crucial because of the digitization of business, IP communications, Internet video and mobile to cloud. The amount of content that is traveling through networks requires a solution that can quickly adapt to address the number of users with a secure, high performance and efficient network.

The service gives enterprises the agility to improve time to market by lowering hardware deployment and provisioning software faster. And because it is delivered on a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model without traditional hardware requirements, the total cost of ownership is much lower.

The last portion of the service is end-to-end management with a fully automated and managed orchestration platform that allows VNF service chains. These chains are a range of services that are deployed simultaneously using the same platform through a web portal with the simplicity of point and click to manage all assets.

According to Verizon, this gives enterprises flexibility, dynamic scaling, a rich technology partner ecosystem with world-class vendors and rapid and easy service deployment.

Shawn Hakl, vice president of networking and innovation, Verizon, said, “The way in which network services are delivered is going through an unprecedented shift—the biggest we’ve seen since the broad adoption of MPLS. Today the network is transitioning to a virtualized model using similar technology that drove the disruption in the data center market.”

Edited by Alicia Young

Contributing Writer

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