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COMLINK Chooses ECI Telecom to Power Broadband Services Network

By Joe Rizzo June 11, 2014

ECI Telecom Ltd is a company that was founded as the Electronics Corporation of Israel in 1961 for the purpose of manufacturing advanced electronic equipment. It has since become a telecommunication networking product provider headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel. It provides communications products and services to carriers and service providers, cable/multiple system operators, wireless and cellular service providers, utilities and carrier of carriers, and government and defense entities worldwide.

ECI Telecom, provider of next-generation network solutions, announced earlier this week that it has been selected by COMLINK to expand and upgrade its packet optical network. COMLINK is a fiber optic network operator that has extensive coverage areas around the country. It has somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,000 miles of fiber and optical-metro rings running throughout the Midwest.

COMLINK provides enterprises and business customers a full line of reliable and secure data, Internet and voice services. The company has dedicated and virtual private servers, storage and co-location. All of which are connected over a private, protected Ethernet backbone with bandwidths running at over 100Gbps. COMLINK can provide this reliability because it uses a private fiber network and multiple certified data centers.

COMLINK’s COO, John Summerset, made the following comment, "Our main concerns when planning our next generation infrastructure were how to build a future-proof network to address the growing demand for bandwidth and new services while maintaining the carrier-grade service availability, performance and security our customers are looking for. ECI's one-stop-shop fast Ethernet to 100Gbps solution met all the criteria we presented at the lowest total cost of ownership."

ECI says it will supply its NPT and Apollo packet-optical transport systems, banded together through its LightSoft unified network management platform. Packet-optical transport systems have gained rapid adoption, as well as wide-scale deployment to support increased traffic and performance requirements for key applications on a worldwide level.

Scalability, performance and economics have established these new systems as the building blocks of choice for wireless backhaul, business Ethernet, broadband backhaul, data center interconnect and wholesale network initiatives. In many cases, packet-optical transport systems can provide an ideal foundation for the transformation to software-defined networks (SDN).

According to ECI, the Apollo family of packet-optical platforms is already optimized for next-generation optics. The combination of Apollo and NPT, managed by LightSoft will provide end-to end network provisioning, real-time performance monitoring and analysis, fault management, as well as a comprehensive user-friendly network view through an intuitive point-and-click GUI.

Apollo is designed to bring transparent aggregation and transport of services over 10G to 100G WDM links, with demonstrated readiness for 400G/1T. Apollo supports the highest level of advanced encryption standards to protect data from interception through fiber tapping. As we have become well aware lately, security from intrusion is very important.

"We are pleased to welcome COMLINK to the ECI family of clients and partners COMLINK's selection highlights ECI's focus and dedication to provide best-in-class packet optical solutions to the North American marketplace. Our NPT, Apollo and LightSoft solutions combine the leading technologies from MPLS through 100Gbps and up to programmable networks (SDN), at the lowest TCO." These were the comments made by Tony Gomez, who is the head of the North American business unit at ECI Telecom.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Contributing Writer

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