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Open Networking Foundation Gets A New Member In BTI Systems

By Steve Anderson December 04, 2013

There are some big changes afoot in terms of cloud services. There's the rapid growth of software defined networking (SDN) as well as network functions virtualization (NFV), and a host of others besides. Throw in the rapid growth of mobility functions overall, which cloud is essentially a part of, and the explosive growth of Internet video, and it becomes almost painfully clear that certain standards are going to be necessary to make it all as manageable as is possible. BTI Systems is out to have a say in that development, as expressed by its recent move to join the Open Networking Foundation (ONF).

ONF's focus is on getting more businesses backing up SDN, in part by getting together standards for the SDN industry, particularly the use of the OpenFlow protocol, as well as the continuation of research and development into finding new and better standards should those become available. While ONF does have something of an interest here, being as ONF's executive director Dan Pitt describes as “the steward of the OpenFlow Standard, the first SDN standard and a vital element of an open software-defined network architecture”, it's also clear that ONF is about more than OpenFlow. ONF is so far, at last report, made up of over 120 different member organizations, and works not only on promoting OpenFlow, but also, as mentioned previously, on finding those new standards.

BTI Systems' director of SDN / NFV product management, Julius Francis, offered some commentary as well on why BTI was happy to join ONF, saying “BTI's focus on openness, emphasized by the launch of Intelligent Cloud Connect -- a category-defining programmable networking platform for cloud infrastructure -- underscores our commitment to, and endorsement of, ONF's mission and goals.” Francis elaborated,  “The benefits of SDN-enabled solutions are critical in highlighting the value proposition of an elastic network layer that responds to the dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure. We look forward to continuing to leverage SDN and OpenFlow to extend elastic network virtualization to the exponentially growing optical bandwidth resources that interconnect cloud data centers in highly-populated metro and regional networks.”

Since Intelligent Cloud Connect brings in SDN capability, along with packet optical and NFV-based applications, this makes BTI Systems a good choice for organizations looking to improve network capacity. Reports suggest that putting Intelligent Cloud Connect to work can make for some impressive benefits, including four times the capacity at half the latency previously seen, as well as a ten-fold improvement in application performance backed up by substantial savings—as much as 50 percent—on OPEX and CAPEX savings.

The combination of ONF's stated mission of finding ways to improve network traffic, and BTI Systems' demonstrated capability in terms of doing just that, make the two an excellent fit, and should bode well for the future of networking as we know it. Indeed, more and more demands are set to be placed on networks, as more places get access to high-speed Internet access and, in turn, put more strain on video services like Netflix and Hulu Plus. There are already substantial numbers of users turning to online video sources instead of cable television, and may well be more to come. That's going to make things even worse for networks, unless measures like those considered by the ONF can be put into play. A robust, working network is vital to our future, so getting it in place, and running at its best, is one task that can scarcely be skimped on.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

Contributing Writer

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