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Pertino Opens SDN App Store for Small Businesses

By Paula Bernier November 18, 2013

Startup Pertino is bringing the app store concept to the software-defined networking arena and to its small business customers.

Indeed, the company recently launched the AppScape store and the first app for it. It’s called GeoView, a real-time network mapping tool. The company expects to roll out additional apps – addressing performance optimization, network visibility, and security – of its own and from third-party developers in the near future.          

Pertino, which also has an Android solution, sells services that enable small companies to create virtual private networks and wide area networks without the requirement of specialized hardware. Its Pertino Cloud Network Services are available on-demand through the AppScape store. The company says they simplify and reduce the cost of deploying network services, and offer users visibility and control of all employee endpoints and applications.


“Workforces today are mobile and need easy access to behind-the-firewall resources from any location and across multiple devices. This represents a fundamental challenge for IT organizations that rely on hardware appliances and Windows endpoint software for remote access connectivity and security,” said Bob Laliberte, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “With the emergence of SDN-powered cloud networking and Network Function Virtualization, we expect that traditional appliance and endpoint services, such as security, visibility, and deep packet inspection functions, will start to be virtualized and migrated to a cloud services model.”


To back up its messaging, Pertino cited a Spiceworks survey that indicates more than 50 percent of SMB IT professionals would consider cloud-based network services to replace traditional hardware appliance and endpoint solutions.


“Pertino Cloud Network Services, AppScape, and Pertino for Android are the latest steps in our strategy to ‘unbox’ and uncomplicate networking for SMBs while delivering enterprise-class capabilities,” said Todd Krautkremer, vice president of marketing, Pertino. “As companies adopt more cloud-based services and their employees demand more mobile options, they quickly reach a tipping point where moving their network, and all of its essential services, to the cloud just makes sense—it’s more economical and effective.”

Edited by Alisen Downey

Executive Editor, TMC

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