TMCNet:  EngageClick's New Personalization Platform 2.0 Improves Brand Advertising

[February 24, 2015]

EngageClick's New Personalization Platform 2.0 Improves Brand Advertising

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- EngageClick, the personalized multi-screen advertising platform that delivers superior ad performance, has announced the enhanced release of its data-driven personalization platform. EngageClick's Personalization Platform 2.0 provides greater utilization of data with its machine learning system, enabling brands to dramatically increase growth across all levels of the customer funnel.

The enhanced personalization platform boosts the effectiveness of programmatic marketing through the following latest features:

  • Data sourcing
    • The platform's data sourcing capabilities source first-party data from any Data Management Platform (DMP), as well as third-party data from data providers and other intent-based platforms.
  • Data Parsing and Cleaning
    • After the sourcing of data, several machine learning and feature selection algorithms built into the platform help parse the data to eliminate irrelevant data for better training purposes, and use the data features that are most important to learning systems.
  • Training and Modeling
    • The platform uses cleaned data to train models for better prediction mechanisms. Various models are used for different KPIs across branding and the performance-related marketplace.
  • Predicting, Persoalization and Programmatic
    • After getting the models up and running, the algorithm can identify a consumer and make an intelligent prediction for better marketing messages, format, call-to-actions, look-and-feel, etc. Personalized messages can be formed by group level data or cookies, and device ID-based 1:1 messaging. The programmatic platform enables the creation of an ad unit that can assemble pieces of brand elements together in real time.

As many companies turn to programmatic platforms to automate buying and selling of media, it's also important to use this programmatic technology to add intelligence on ad creative as well. Learning more about consumers and finding which creative is best for a particular brand is critical to ensure personalized attention and keep consumers engaged with the brand over time.

"Making brand communications more programmatic and data-driven provides greater consumer insights to the brands and improvements in ROI from double to triple," said Shekhar Deo, co-founder and CTO of EngageClick. "With our enhanced personalization platform, brands can now micro-segment their audience in real-time, based on their own marketing messages, as well as drill down to determine why and when target audiences prefer which part of the brand better. Having such information helps brands to constantly monitor the pulse of their consumers at a granular level."

EngageClick is launching the enhanced platform with industry leaders across industries, including telecommunications, CPG, retail, finance, automotive, and travel, with plans to soon extend to other categories.

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About EngageClick
EngageClick's unique, adaptive advertising personalization platform uses machine learning and cognitive science to continually improve ad engagement by fine-tuning personalization for each consumer over time.

Gathering information about consumers and grouping them into sellable segments has become an essential practice for advertisers. Targeting these sellable segments in real-time, in a cost-effective manner, through relevant advertising appropriate for the device, geography, and time of day is EngageClick's unique proprietary value proposition.

EngageClick is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with operations worldwide. For more information, visit


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