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[March 02, 2014]

Slanguage Corner [Global Times]

(Global Times Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Excessive sharing过度分享:People or companies who share too much information on social media platforms with their friends or followers. This kind of excessive sharing is said to desensitize other users of social networking tools.Glassy temperament玻ç'ƒæƒ…绪:This term refers to people whose emotion or mood is easily affected by other people or their surroundings. Hence, their temperaments are as fragile as glass.Chinese-style blind dateä¸­å›½å¼ ç›¸äº²:Many singles in China turn a romantic blind date into a pragmatic business meeting as they are more interested in learning about their date's social and financial status rather than their character and temperament.Job-seeking fatigueæ±‚è Œç–²åŠ³:Sense of frustration and weariness caused by a long job hunt or a string of unsuccessful interviews. Some symptoms of job-seeking fatigue are restlessness, depression, insomnia.

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