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[February 08, 2013]

Valentine's Day: Santa Clara University Professors Available for Interviews on "Theology of Marriage," Love in the Digital Age, and Eco-Friendly Chocolate

SANTA CLARA, Calif. --(Business Wire)--

For any Valentine's Day stories on relationships or marriage, Santa Clara University has a variety of professors available for media commentary:

Theology of Marriage

*Frederick Parrella, professor of religious studies at Santa Clara University, has taught the highly popular course The Theology of Marriage for about 30 years. He focuses his course on philosophical and religious teachings on love and marriage, the role and hindrance of gender stereotypes in marriage, and what it means that marriage is a sacrament in the Catholic faith. He can discuss the changing views of marriage and relationships among his students over the past decades.

*Sally Vance-Trembath, lecturer in religious studis at Santa Clara University, has taught the Theology of Marriage for more than five years, including a view of marriage as a "sacrament of human flourishing." She says students in her class defy stereotypes, because they are very interested in the meaning of family life, transcending the "hookup culture" and articulating a richer understanding of intimacy.

Romance, Stress & Status Updates

*Tom Plante, Ph.D. is a professor of psychology at Santa Clara University who can discuss the stress and romantic ideals often associated with Valentine's Day. He can discuss ways to maintain reasonable expectations for love and romance. He can also dissect the role social media like Facebook & Google are playing in dating and researching love interests.

Green Chocolate

*Chris Bacon is an assistant professor in the Environmental Studies and Sciences department at Santa Clara University, and an expert in food justice. He is available to talk about fair trade chocolate and how holidays involving chocolate affect farmers across the world. He can also give recommendations for the types of chocolate most likely to support farmers and conserve biodiversity.

To reach any of the above professors, please contact Deborah Lohse in Santa Clara University Media Relations, or 408-554-5121.

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