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[January 16, 2013]

LIGHT-WEIGHT DC PUMPS [Mechanical Engineering]

(Mechanical Engineering Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) THOMAS DIVISION. SHEBOYGAN. WIS.

THE 319 SERIES OIL-LESS WOB-L PISTON dc pump and compressor is small and lightweight It is manufactured with die-cast aluminum components for strength and durability and is intended for mobile applications such as air suspension, air doors, air horns, air brakes and clutches, and fuel systems. The 319 Series includes EMI suppression and is RoHS compliant. The pump and compressor feature a corrosion-resistant e-coated finish, stainless steel inlet valve, thermally protected motor, and inlet filter/exhaust muffler for quiet operation. It is available with a 12 or 24 V dc motor and a dryer/solenoid.


The compact, non-contact temperature sensors in the new 0S212 series are low-cost sensors that measure the temperature of inaccessible or moving objects and materials. They feature a fast response with high stability, 2-wire 4-to-20 mA output proportional to target temperature, optional manual emissh/ity adjuster with display, and stainless steel housing, sealed to ÍP65. Omega says the series is suitable for industrial applications in the oil automotive, or beverage industries, such as non-contact temperature monitoring associated with liquids, motors, plumbing, food, and manufacturing in refrigerated rooms. Prices start at $21 3.

DIGITAL POSITIONER EMERSON PROCESS MANAGEMENT, MARSHALLTOWN. IOWA The Fisher Fieldvue DVC620Dp digital valve controller is built on Fisher's innovative linkageless noncontact sensor technology. For throttling control applications, the DVC6200p offers an analog output function block, while a digital output function block is available for on/off applications. The DVC6200p provides a wealth of alerts, trends, and diagnostics to allow for process visibility and contrai not previously available in a Profibus PA digital valve controller. A quick setup and calibration, including performance tuning, can be performed locally in a matter of minutes; for more extensive parameterization, configuration tools such as Siemens PDM can be used.

SAFETY SWITCHES AUTOMATION DIRECT. CUMMING.GA The MPR series of light-duty safety switches is made up of simple, magnetic reed switches designed for all small guard applications. Constructed of polyester, the sensor and actuator can be mounted unobtrusively in channels or behind doors. The hygienic screw cap cover ensures suitability for food processing wash down and can withstand high-pressure hoses at high temperatures. With a wide 12 mm sensing range, the switches have a high tolerance to misalignment. MPR series safety switches features two normally-closed and one normally-open circuit and is available with two. five, or 10-meter cables. The switches start at $69.


The new Metric Hoopster Rings offer a way to retain mechanical components when space is a problem. The Hoopster's minimal radial projection and shallow groove depth allows it to fit where many other stamped rings cannot. The Hoopster's low profile, precision circularity, and small radial size enable it to be an unobtrusive component in an assembly. The rings are suitable for light to heavy loads and are ideal for thin wall tubes. An additional advantage of the Hoopster is its potential for high thrust capacity; the low radial profile will not twist or deform underload as with conventional retaining rings. As an extension to Smalley's Hoopster Retaining Rings, the new metric series offers engineers added design flexibility. Over 150 new rings are available, ranging from 10 mm to 76 mm in both carbon and 302 stainless steel.


The Piton Rack Handle is designed to provide handles and captive fasteners for 19-inch rack mounted equipment. The handle mounts outboard of the front panel space with supplied hardware. It has a robust molded design with integrated screws for securing the enclosure to any equipment rack. The handle is made from high strength ABS/PC polymer and is BA-310 and RoHS compliant. It also features an NEBS compliant flammability rating and oxygen index. It is intended for a variety of markets ranging from telecommunications, data storage, and broadcasting.


The PermSelect line of silicone hollow fiber membrane modules is intended for such applications as removing dissolved gases from or adding gases to liquids. The dense, gas-permeable membrane has no pores that can wet out or foul, and is suitable for degassing all compatible liquids, including low surface tension liquids. Degassing and gassing liquids is simple: the liquid feed stream is supplied to one side of the membrane through the inlet port, and a vacuum or sweep gas is applied to the other side of the membrane. The liquid exits through the outlet port. The membrane modules are also ideal for gas dehumidiflcation and humidification. Modules in membrane sizes ranging from 10 cm2 to 2.1 mz are available.


The hook clamps now available from Carr Lane are compact swing clamps that mount in a reamed hole. The company says the clamps are ideal in tight spaces where high clamping force is required. Available In standard or long arm versions, the clamps swing conveniently out of the way when in the undamped position. Choose from socket-head (counter-bored) or hex-head types.


The new ÍT230 series of isolated transmitters is only 12.5 mm wide for high-density mounting on DIN rails. These signal conditioners provide a USB connection to a PC for simple, precise configuration using Windows software. A number of models are available to isolate and convert thermocouple. RTD. voltage, or current input signals to a 4-20 mA output. These two-wire instruments are loop-powered and support both source or sink output wiring connections on the current loop with a 1 2-32 V dc supply. A ruggedized design features electrical noise immunity and surge protection and the transmitters can operate over a temperature range from -40 to 80 °C.


With a measurement capability of 6.3 to 0.05 Ra, the SFP1 surface finish probe makes Renishaw's coordinate measuring machine a "single platform" metrology system, the company says. It eliminates the need for hand-held surface measurement devices or transporting parts to a dedicated surface measuring machine. The system allows automated switching between dimensional measurement and surface finish measurement, with the analysis contained in a single report. The SFP1 probe is a fully integrated option for the REVO 5-axis measurement system, supplied with two dedicated styli. straight and cranked, which are selected via the measurement program control using the system's modular rack system. The probe incorporates a C axis that, combined with the infinite positioning of the REVO head and choice of stylus holders, allows the probe tip to be automatically oriented to any angle to suit the part, ensuring that the highest quality surface data is acquired.


The VE80205 vent is specifically engineered for small enclosures, such as displays for electric bikes, mobility aids, and heavy duty equipment It protects electronic components in harsh weather by equalizing pressure and reducing condensation. Despite the limited amount of free space and air volume inside small enclosures, sudden changes in environmental conditions can cause internal pressure to build up, sometimes as much as 200 mbar (3 psi). which can put significant stress on enclosure seals, eventually causing them to fail The VE80205 vent equalizes pressure by allowing air to flow freely into and out of the enclosure. A breathable membrane in the vent reduces condensation by allowing moisture vapor to escape from the enclosure. The membrane protects the electronics from liquids and particulates with a barrier that meets lEC's IP67 standard. The vent measures 2.0 5.0 mm and has a typical airflow of 103.62 ml/min/cm2.

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