[April 22, 2004]


INVENTEL, a leading specialist in wireless communication solutions, announces the introduction of new generation WiFi/DECT/VoIP wireless ADSL gateways for the residential market. Enabling both data and voice transmission, these units are a platform for multimedia services. INVENTEL's home gateway features an ADSL modem router to share the high-speed broadband connection. It integrates wireless technologies including 802.11g and DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) for wireless voice and data communication.

This residential platform centralizes all home wireless communications. With its sleek and innovative design, it is no longer hidden behind the PC, but finds its place among everyday household electronic devices. Set up is easy and straightforward with a multimedia installation package that features video tutorials. The gateway's configuration is managed through a user-friendly interface and updates can be downloaded directly from the web. Wireless security is ensured at several levels, including the implementation of the WPA (WiFi Protected Access) protocol. The home network is protected by a fully configurable firewall.

In addition to data transfer, Inventel's home gateway offers all types of wireless services, using either Voice over IP communication (VoIP) or the switched network. VoIP wireless services are, in particular, available for standard analog telephones that can be connected to the gateway. Wireless technology (DECT) combined with a broadband network brings out the full potential of VoIP services: each household member can have a handset linked to his or her private line.

Depending on the version, the gateway can provide full connectivity to communicate with all current communication and entertainment devices including TVs, set-top boxes, hi-fi audio systems, and digital cameras.

The unit counts four Ethernet ports and one USB port for fixed connectivity, a PCMCIA port to easily add a video extension, as well as a master USB to connect a printer or digital camera directly without going through a PC. INVENTEL's gateway is a great opportunity for Service Providers to increase revenue by offering value-added services over the fixed broadband network beyond PCs.

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