Talari SD-WAN Gets New Update with Talari APN 4.2

By Steve Anderson February 11, 2015

Back in the closing days of 2014, our own Rich Tehrani offered up a list of five tech companies worth knowing about in 2015. Important names like Polycom and Mavatar Technologies made the list, but right at the front of the field was Talari Networks. Talari Networks, as Tehrani noted, was working to “disrupt the...monopoly” found in multiprotocol label switching (MPLS). Essentially, it was looking to let companies take networks that were already on hand—various Internet sources like cable or digital subscriber line (DSL) service—and put it to work instead of MPLS. In a bid to help that out, Talari Networks has brought out an update for its software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) system, giving it more utility in the field.

The new update, dubbed Talari Adaptive Private Networking (APN) 4.2, offers up several new points to help drive its operation, particularly the ability to change network configuration from a single location. Application policies can likewise be changed, and making said changes results in no noticeable impact on network traffic, according to reports. This means that the business can carry on as normal, while at the same time making the appropriate changes as need be. That's actually part of a growing theme with Talari, according to reports, as Talari's Thinking WAN lineup has proven to be the most widely used solution in SD-WAN, thanks to its ability to readily adapt to current network conditions. Since the SD-WAN system can put so many breeds of connectivity to work, as noted previously, the end result allows companies to increase total bandwidth on hand—itself a major step for companies in an environment which depends on bandwidth more than ever—while also potentially lowering total network operating costs.

Those interested can get hands on the new system now, at last report, and can put it to work in most any WAN configuration, ranging from MPLS WAN to Hybrid WAN to WAN to Cloud setups. Talari's chief marketing officer, Kevin Gavin, offered up some comment around the release, saying “This release is a crucial step in Talari's vision of a smart, software-defined network. Using the Talari Aware management system to affect change in the network at any time and without any interruption in service is key to building an agile network that can keep pace with the demands of the business.”

This isn't the first major advance to emerge from Talari, either; not so long ago, we heard about Bremer Bank making a move into Talari's APN systems in a bid to better tell when circuits at bank branches have gone down and establish replacements more rapidly to help keep said branches in the game.  What's more, we've also seen Talari make some moves internally to augment its own operations, bringing in a new vice president of worldwide sales in Randy Schirman, a move that should help given Schirman's extensive history in both sales and leadership roles. With Schirman running sales worldwide, and a clear value package presented, there should be plenty of reasons for customers to get in on the action.

Adding all these factors together—the new technological developments, the internal changes, and the overall value prospect that allows companies to get the most out of bandwidth in an environment where bandwidth is king—yields a picture that's a bright one for Talari indeed, and just what plenty of companies needed as well to help get the best chance of success.

Edited by Alisen Downey

Contributing NFVZone Writer

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