SDN Zone Week in Review

By Paula Bernier May 31, 2014

Turns out this NFV, SDN is real.

In the space of just one week we’ve learned that

NTT Communications Group’s Arcstar Universal One services are now available in more than 190 countries. These services, which leverage NFV and SDN technologies, enable enterprise CIOs to use a portal to configure (and pay for) new network services on the fly – allowing these businesses to be more agile and potentially save big money.

This is a big breakthrough for both enterprises, which can use the service, and service providers, for which NTT Communications is demonstrating what is possible on a commercial basis. While NTT Communications says it’s years ahead of the competition, Ovum analyst Mike Sapien says others are close behind. But, the larger point is, it’s happening.

While NTT Communications’ new NFV and SDN services are being powered by its own Virtela and other technology, big things are also happening on the telecom equipment manufacturer (or should we say software developer?) front.

As reported by SDN Zone contributing editor Doug Mohney earlier this week, Metaswitch Networks has revealed that over the next eighteen months or so it will release a virtual route reflector; an intelligent aggregation solution for streaming video offload; and Project Calico, a Layer 3 NFV infrastructure for hyper-scale distributed data centers. 

These products, Mohney notes, are further evidence that Metaswitch is moving deeper into the network stack with more intelligence and commodity hardware.

Another company announcing new product this week was Active Broadband with its Active Resource Controller.

"Network operators are seeking simpler and less costly ways to gain visibility into service and application usage at the broadband service edge," explained Adam Dunstan, CEO of Active Broadband. "The Active Resource Controller is a software-based platform that leverages high-performance, in-line mediation, big data, and IP flow telemetry to enable operators to transform subscriber intelligence into real-time service control without having to employ deep packet inspection."

This week also saw a new partnership form between Iveda and ProphetStor Data Services.

ProphetStor specializes in software-defined storage while Iveda focused on cloud video hosting technology. Iveda plans to use the ProphetStor Federator SDS to create an optimized video management platform for device provisioning, video streaming, and cloud video analytics.

According to new research by Rayno Media Inc., SDN will create tens of billions of dollars in value by automating networks and compute platforms with advanced analytics, open application programming interfaces, and new networking architectures.

"Software-defined networking represents the biggest technology shift in networking in 20 years,” says Rayno Report Chief Analyst and Publisher R. Scott Raynovich. "Another $20 billion in value is going to be created, much of it through M&A and IPOs. You are going to see more venture capital investment and more M&A, with big players buying some of the more prominent startups in 2014 and 2015.”

More than $600 million already has been in invested into SDN and NFV startups at the venture capital level, according to Raynovich, who expects another $1 billion to be invested over the next three to five years. Some $3 billion in startup exits in the SDN space have already occurred, he points out, and Arista Networks expects to go public shortly. 

Executive Editor, TMC

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