Juniper Networks Speeds up Building of Software-Defined Networks with New Software, Services

By Ed Silverstein February 22, 2013

Juniper Networks has new software and services to speed up the building of software-defined networks (SDN).

SDNs let customers get elastic capacity, with more service velocity and lower overall operating expenses (OPEX), according to a report from NFVZone. In fact, customers may see up to 65 percent less in OPEX and up to 54 percent less in total cost of ownership, ACG Research said.

Also, Juniper Networks Mobile Control Gateway (virtual MCG) announced it is now a virtualized function on the JunosV App Engine. It lets mobile operators scale to meet demand requirements.

"With mobile traffic growth exploding, operators need a virtualized Mobile Packet Core for scaling capacity up and down to both increase service velocity and control costs,” Dr. Ray Mota, managing partner, ACG Research, said in a statement. “Our research has validated that Juniper's virtual Mobile Control Gateway has a 54 percent lower total cost of ownership over five years and the time to deploy the initial implementation is 46 percent faster than a standalone appliance-based solution. In addition, the virtual MCG provides incremental capacity additions in 87 percent less time, enabling operators to address the volatility of mobile control plane traffic driven by smartphones and smartphones apps."

"Mobile networks are perfectly suited to benefit from Juniper Network's SDN approach,” added Bob Muglia, executive vice president, Software Solutions Division, Juniper Networks. “Exponential mobile data usage coupled with an increasingly wide array of multi-media smartphones and tablets put enormous demands on high-performance networking."

Also, Juniper unveiled new line cards for its SRX5600 and 5800 series services gateways so service providers can improve security and scalability of LTE networks.

"That's really important to service providers who are adding smartphone subscribers," Johnnie Konstantas, director of product marketing for Juniper's Security Business Unit, told CRN. "Smartphone and data plans are being added at a very rapid clip."

"The unique thing about these cards is that we built them so that you could have no downtime in service, software or hardware upgrades," Konstantas added. "So let's say you are a mobile service provider and have our SRX services in play. You get these new cards, you plug them in and they just work. Literally in a matter of milliseconds you see that you have more performance available to you ... and you didn’t require any distribution in the service."

Juniper also unveiled Junos Space Services Activation Director, an application that lets mobile operators manage services, including multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and carrier Ethernet.

"SDN is a major transformational shift that partners need to understand and be able to explain to their customers and cut through the confusion for their customers," Muglia told CRN. "Understanding the software side of things is a very, very major aspect of how partners need to make investments in the way that they do business."

Edited by Rich Steeves

NFVZone Contributor

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