Network Functions Virtualization Articles

With Q1 Revenues Down, Ericsson Awaits Growth in NFV, SDN & Small Cells
The decline in sales is primarily due to lower revenues from two large mobile broadband coverage projects in North America, which peaked in the first half of 2013, and reduced activity in Japan, as reported previously by TMCnet. That, however, was of… - 04/23/2014

Google Implements NFV, SDN as Part of Its Andromeda Effort
Google this month announced that the Andromeda network virtualization stack is now available on two Google Compute Engine zones, and that it'll be migrating the others to Andromeda in the near future. The current Andromeda zones include us-central1-b… - 04/22/2014

StackIQ Joins OpenStack Effort, Tapped by ALU
Cluster management solution provider StackIQ has joined the Red Hat OpenStack ecosystem and announced that its own technology is used for the deployment and management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform in Alcatel-Lucent's CloudBand NFV P… - 04/15/2014

ConteXtream, Guavus Partner on NFV, SDN
Virtualization outfit ConteXtream Inc. has joined forces with data analytics firm Guavus to bring real-time analytics to software-defined networking service provider deployments. - 04/11/2014

Huawei Opens OpenDaylight Lab in China
In an effort to move on the network functions virtualization and software-defined networking opportunity, Chinese telecom equipment powerhouse Huawei has established a lab in Shenzhen where developers and users in the Asia Pacific can test and otherw… - 04/09/2014

Current Analysis Survey: CTOs, Strategy Drive NFV and SDN Buying
The buying decisions of facilities-based service providers, regarding network functions virtualization and software-defined networking, are being driven by strategic goals and high-level individuals at these organizations. Yet cost remains the primar… - 04/07/2014

CEF's 'Open Cloud Project' Debuts to Bolster Development of CloudE 1.0 Open Cloud Framework
As a joint initiative of CloudEthernet Forum (CEF) and Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), CEF 'Open Cloud Project' recently debuted as the cloud industry's first program for the interoperability testing, compliance and best practices for open cloud environm… - 04/03/2014

Cavium and 6WIND Continue Collaborating in Order to Deliver NFV and SDN Solutions
Though the two companies were already engaged in an existing partnership with one another, leading multipurpose integrated semiconductor provider Cavium and software developer 6WIND have announced their intentions to remain partners, in order to deli… - 04/03/2014

Subscriber Choice is Making NFV and SDN Critical for Operators
It is also likely to increase application and service innovation, as the cost to try new things will be driven down though virtualization. With dedicated hardware, failure isn't an option due to the investment. NFV and SDN will, on the other hand, no… - 04/03/2014

SDN and NFV Moving from Lab to Trials and Operators Cite Top NFV Use Case
There is a famous and oft repeated line in absurdist playwright Samuel Beckett's masterpiece Waiting for Godot. The two main characters Vladimir and Estragon keep asking, "When Will He Ever Come?" When it comes to the communications industry and its … - 04/02/2014

Spirent Velocity Provides Customers New Platform to Test New Generation of Virtualized Devices
Spirent Communications, a major player in networks, devices and applications testing solutions, recently introduced a virtual lab environment, called the Spirent Velocity. - 04/01/2014

Broadcom Delivers Multi-core Processor with 4X Competitors' Performance
Broadcom has added the XLP500 Series to its XLP II multi-core communications processor portfolio. This new series delivers four times the per-core performance of competing processors, which will enable it to simplify and support network functions vir… - 03/31/2014

Napatech Suggests It's Time for Telcos to Rethink Their Networking Strategies
A new whitepaper in Napatech's "Time to ReThink" series tackles the issues of growing data and network complexity, and explains how network functions virtualization, software-defined networking, and real-time insight can help telcos deliver quality, … - 03/26/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Storage and Virtualization Start-up Actifio Receives $100 Million Funding Round
Storage and virtualization firm Actifio has brought in a $100 million funding round, bringing the start-up company's total worth to $1 billion. The company, which offers a patented Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) technology to help service providers and … - 03/25/2014

Metaswitch CTO Delivers NFV, SDN Guide for Telcos
For all the talk these days about network functions virtualization and software-defined networking, there still seems to be a fair amount of uncertainty about the definitions of these terms. - 03/24/2014

Telco Systems Jumps Aboard the Software Telco Bandwagon
Telco Systems says it's shifting its focus to better align with what's happening on the network functions virtualization and software-defined networking front. - 03/20/2014

Radware First to be Awarded Alcatel-Lucent's NFVisionary Award
Radware, a global leader in application delivery and security solutions for both virtual and cloud data centers, has announced that it is the first winner of the NFVisionary Award, presented by Alcatel-Lucent. The NFVisionary Award was created by Alc… - 03/19/2014

BTI Systems Introduces New Wavelength Services Solution
BTI Systems today unveiled the BTI 7802 wavelength services solution, which can enable service providers to deliver 10/100G services, and can be updated as required to support MPLS label switched routing, network functions virtualization, and softwar… - 03/17/2014

MRV Announces ONF Membership, Work with ETSI NFV Group
It's a Tuesday, so what better day than to promote your NFV and SDN messaging? At least that's what MRV Communications Inc. seems to have decided, so today it issued a press release talking about its activities on the network functions virtualization… - 03/11/2014

HP Moves to Help Telcos Address the OTT Threat
Over-the-top applications like WhatsApp have resulted in $33 billion in lost SMS revenues for traditional service providers last year, and are forecast to result in $54 billion in such losses by 2016. That's driving companies like HP to work with tel… - 03/06/2014

Qosmos Lays Out Three-Stage NFV, SDN Strategy
The third stage of the Qosmos strategy involves the introduction of its service chaining module, which identifies applications and metadata in real time through the use of packet tagging. This allows for improved network utilization, service customiz… - 03/05/2014

Dell Expands NFV, SDN Efforts to Address Carriers
A year later, at Mobile World Congress, Dell pushed its NFV and SDN further forward by announcing an expanded OpenStack NFV collaboration with open source pioneer Red Hat, and an NFV and SDN partnership with Calsoft Labs. Both partnerships help Dell … - 03/05/2014

IMS Lite - What's In It for You?
Aricent recently launched a new product called IP Multimedia System (IMS) Lite, a networking solution that integrates IP calls and multimedia systems. With this product, Aricent adds yet another end-to-end VoLTE capability solution to its existing co… - 03/05/2014

Netronome Introduces New NFV, SDN Software, High-performance NICs
Netronome today took the wraps off new network interface cards - for network functions virtualization and software-defined networking implementations - that the company says are unprecedented in the speed and density they deliver. - 03/04/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Ericsson, Telefonica Partner on R&D Initiative for NFV
Ericsson and Telefonica are partnering in an R&D initiative for network virtualization. It will focus on future networks and network functions virtualization (NFV), as well as the closely aligned field of software defined networking (SDN). - 02/28/2014

Alcatel-Lucent Unveils New Virtualized Network Functions
Network functions virtualization (NFV) is picking up steam for many mobile service providers as it allows them to innovate more quickly and easily while providing the best return on investments in an all-IP network infrastructure such as LTE. The tec… - 02/26/2014

Aricent Unveils NFV, SDN Solutions at MWC
Many of the world's largest service providers and vendors are making NFV and SDN news at Mobile World Congress this week. But so are some of the other suppliers in the NFV ecosystem. For example, Aricent this week in Barcelona launched a virtualized … - 02/26/2014

Facebook, WhatsApp, and the Software Telco Transformation
The talk of the industry in the past few days has been Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp. - 02/26/2014

Tilera, Procera Networks Offer DPI-on-a-NIC for SDN/NFV
Tilera Corporation and Procera Networks are offering a DPI (deep packet inspection) on a NIC (network interface controller) solution for software defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). - 02/26/2014

Tier 1 Carriers Make NFV, SDN News at MWC
Mobile World Congress is an enormous event taking place this week where the wireless ecosystem is discussing and displaying all aspects of mobile networking - from applications, to endpoints, to the core. While the noise of the event can make it diff… - 02/26/2014

Enhanced End-to-end VoLTE Monitoring Comes from RADCOM
Tel Aviv based company, RADCOM, has been around for about 13 years. It researches, develops, manufactures and markets network testing, analysis, monitoring and simulation equipment. RADCOM products work with a wide variety of network protocols. - 02/25/2014

Affirmed Networks Collaborates with VMware to Improve Mobile Content Cloud for NFV
In order to improve the efficiency of their networks, wireless service providers are implementing solutions that take advantage of new technologies such as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and cloud architecture. With these tools in place, prov… - 02/24/2014

Radware Unveils NFV, SDN Mobile Solutions for Security, Service Chaining and More
Radware took the wraps off three new solutions that leverage network functions virtualization and software-defined networking to enable LTE mobile network operators to more effectively address evolving load balancing, security, service chaining, and … - 02/24/2014

Radisys Unveils Carrier-Grade NFV, SDN Gear
This is important because it's yet another example that points to a bright future for NFV and SDN within service provider networks - including those of the tier 1 wireless and wireline telcos. - 02/21/2014

Gigamon Announces NFV for Tools
Improved network management is expected to be a key benefit to service providers as they move to new architectures based on network functions virtualization and software-defined networking technologies. So existing players in the network visibility a… - 02/21/2014

Nokia Rumored to Be Seeking NSN-Juniper Merger
Rumors are afoot that Nokia Oyj is considering a purchase of Juniper Networks with an eye toward pairing the router giant's assets with those of its own Nokia Solutions and Networks unit. This comes from Manager Magazin, which said Nokia's board was … - 02/20/2014

HP, Wind River Partner to Deliver NEBS-compliant NFV
HP and Intel subsidiary Wind River are working together to certify software from Wind River with servers from HP. - 02/20/2014

Procera, Openet to Demo NFV-based Policy Solution at MWC
Openet and Procera will be at Mobile World Congress next week demonstrating a virtualized version of Revenue Express. - 02/19/2014

Accedian Targets Cablecos with NFV Solution
When you hear the term network functions virtualization, and you hear it a lot these days, it typically involves a discussion about telco or enterprise networks. But Accedian Networks has unveiled an NFV-based solution aimed squarely at the cablecos. - 02/19/2014

Alcatel-Lucent's NFV Solutions Accelerating Mobile Networks Move to the Cloud
While the announcements are being made to coincide with MWC, this is not just about mobile but is also about how NFV is going to help service providers with fixed-line/mobile convergence. Service providers around the world are looking to create seaml… - 02/19/2014

Comings & Goings: HP Reportedly Moving Mayer to Head Up New NFV Business
The writing is on the wall. Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking are where networking is headed, and the reorganizations we're seeing now at many of the big infrastructure and software companies are testaments to that fact… - 02/18/2014

Connectem's Cost-saving NFV Technology Has Market's Attention
In the past year, Connectem has seen growing demand for its network function virtualization (NFV) solutions. The lack of flexibility and higher cost of hardware like routers, firewalls, load balancers, switches and servers has caused many network ope… - 02/14/2014

CEO: Metaswitch Aims to 'a Challenger' for Customers
Metaswitch has been talking a lot about the rise of the software telco recently, and this message is resonating with some service providers, which are all fired up and ready to go. Others, however, are taking a more incremental or wait-and-see approa… - 02/13/2014

Equipment Incumbents, Startups Move on NFV, SDN, vEPC Opportunity
Virtualization of the Evolved Packet Core is getting a lot of attention lately, as are network functions virtualization and software-defined networking. - 02/13/2014

Ericsson Previews a Variety of Cellular, NFV, SDN News
Ericsson this week unleashed a flurry of announcements - many of them centered on the hot themes of network functions virtualization and software-defined networking - just a couple weeks ahead of Mobile World Congress, at which it will be showing man… - 02/12/2014

Stoke Unveils Software-only Version of its LTE Security Gateway
For some companies, it can be a long and winding road to NFV and SDN but for Stoke, the path to virtualization seems pretty straightforward. Indeed, the company has decided to architect its leading LTE security gateway solution for availability as a … - 02/11/2014

Metaswitch Networks Announces Clearwater Core
Metaswitch Networks is now offering Clearwater Core, which is a software subscription service. The IMS core can provide messaging, video and voice to millions of users. - 02/07/2014

NFV, SDN Continue to Generate Heat, Debate
Network functions virtualization and software-defined networking are perhaps two of the most talked about trends in networking today. They are also probably two of the new technologies causing the most confusion, as stories and reports continue to su… - 02/03/2014

Expect to See About a 60 Percent Growth in Wireless Packet Core Revenues by 2018
Yesterday, a new report was released by the Dell'Oro Group. The report is entitled, "Wireless Packet Core Forecast Report." Its goal is to offer complete, in-depth coverage of the market with tables covering manufacturers' revenue, average selling pr… - 01/30/2014

Software Telco Panel Explores How and Why Carriers Are Embracing NFV, SDN
Facilities-based service providers, namely telcos, are in a tough position. They have a wealth of customers they want to retain and infrastructure in which they have invested, but they need their networks to be more agile so they can deliver and supp… - 01/29/2014

Ciena CTO Says NFV, SDN, More Ubiquitous Cloud Will Take Off in 2014
This year the cloud will deliver a more ubiquitous user experience, telcos will begin to implement network functions virtualization, and software-defined networking will move into production networks. These are three of the predictions for 2014 offer… - 01/22/2014

Openwave Mobility Noted as a Key Player in NFV-, SDN-based Video
ABI Research is putting the spotlight on Openwave Mobility, which it says is an important player in the video space and is leveraging network functions virtualization and software-defined networking. - 01/22/2014

How the Channel Can Benefit from NFV; and Pluribus Partners with Big to Tap U.K. Market
Big things are happening for Pluribus Networks these days. The company, which provides software and hardware network virtualization platforms for the cloud, recently forged a partnership with new value-added distributor Big Technology, marking its en… - 01/21/2014

Comings & Goings: Brocade Appoints Benson Schliesser to Distinguished Engineer
Networking solutions provider Brocade has appointed Benson Schliesser, who has almost 20 years of experience in the field, in the role of distinguished engineer. The California-based company offers reliable and high-performance network solutions that… - 01/20/2014

Tilera Emphasizes Strong Stable of Intellectual Property
Tilera, which is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Walden International and Columbia Capital, offers something called TILE-IQ that uses the company's high-performance processors along with x86 CPUs to accelerate systems and offload entire applicat… - 01/17/2014

Qosmos Emphasizes Its DPI Successes
Deep packet inspection solution provider Qosmos is hawking its recent successes, which include being selected by 21 tech companies in the past year and owning 70 percent worldwide market share in the DPI category. - 01/16/2014

F5 Offers Comment, Clarification on Software-Defined Discussion
Software-defined networking is creating a lot of excitement, but one area of confusion related to this topic has to do with the difference between being software-defined and software-deployed. - 01/16/2014

New Networks Leverage ADCs, Blade Servers, Load Balancing, SDN
The importance of application delivery controller technology, blade-based computing and load balancing is growing as new IT architectures leveraging the cloud, network functions virtualization, server and desktop virtualization, and software-defined … - 01/15/2014

Nakina, RAD Offer Major Cableco NFV Interoperability Solution
Network management outfit Nakina Systems and access equipment RAD say they have proven interoperability for a major cable operator in one of the first commercial deployments of network functions virtualization. The name of the service provider was no… - 01/13/2014

Comings & Goings: Brocade Attracts Noteworthy Engineer, a Veteran of Cisco, Juniper
Brocade has reportedly scored an important mind in the sphere of network functions virtualization and software-defined networking. That mind belongs to engineer Benson Schliesser, a veteran of both Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. - 01/10/2014

Virtela Gains Reach as Part of NTT Portfolio
Virtela can reach more technology now that it is owned by NTT Communications, itself an ICT division of the larger Japan-based NTT. - 01/10/2014

IneoQuest Joins Intel Network Builders Program to Develop SDN, NFV Solutions
IneoQuest Technologies has announced that it has joined Intel's Network Builders Program to develop software-defined network (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) technology applications for telecommunications. - 01/08/2014

Why Efforts Like the Intel Network Builders Program Are Important for NFV, SDN
Deep packet inspection solution provider Qosmos is an inaugural member of the new Intel Network Builders program, the companies announced today. The group aims to help vendors more easily build network functions virtualization and software-defined ne… - 01/07/2014

Blazing a Trail on the Software Telco Frontier, ILEC Saddles Up for What's Next in Communications
There's a lot of talk about business and network transformation these days in the telecom world, but often there's a lot more talk than action. That's not the case at Saddleback Communications. - 01/01/2014

Ovum, Red Hat Explain How Big Data, Cloud, Virtualization Will Advance in 2014
Big data will get really big, enterprises will embrace infrastructure as a service in a big way, the hybrid cloud will gain steam, open source will continue its ascent and virtualization will expand. Those are among the 2014 predictions offered up re… - 12/27/2013

6WIND Participates in CloudNFV Proof of Concept
The group known as CloudNFV is putting together a proof of concept on network functions virtualization for ETSI's approval, and 6WIND has announced its software will be part of the effort. - 12/18/2013

Dialogic Study: 2014 to Be a Banner Year for NFV
A new report from Dialogic suggests that 2014 is going to be a major year for network functions virtualization (NFV), and if the report's predictions pan out, a lot of businesses that didn't have it previously will be bringing NFV capability into pla… - 12/11/2013

F&S Recognizes Affirmed Networks
Affirmed Networks has been recognized by research firm Frost & Sullivan, which has presented the mobile data network intelligence company with the 2013 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. - 12/10/2013

Service Chaining Seems Important, but What Is It Again?
I must admit, I had never before heard of the concept of service chaining, at least not that I can remember. But I started hearing a whole lot about it at the beginning of this year, and that conversation continues. - 12/06/2013

AMDOCS Retains Billing Leadership, Well-positioned to Help Transforming Telcos
A 2012 Accenture survey reported 92 percent of communications service providers executives said their telecom billing system was at least somewhat of an impediment to launching new offers, while just under half indicated it was a major barrier. Seven… - 12/06/2013

Verizon Calls on F5 for Software-based Cloud Availability, Policy, Security Solutions
Two companies that are arguably the most innovative tier 1 U.S. carrier, and one of the most innovative infrastructure providers, are joining forces to deliver a new cloud-based solution leveraging network functions virtualization. Verizon Enterprise… - 12/06/2013

Open Networking Foundation Gets A New Member In BTI Systems
There are some big changes afoot in terms of cloud services. There's the rapid growth of software defined networking (SDN) as well as network functions virtualization (NFV), and a host of others besides. Throw in the rapid growth of mobility function… - 12/04/2013

Metaswitch Partners with TeleStax to Open Up Opportunities for the Telco Network
For all their vast knowledge and resources, the telcos these days find themselves trapped between a rock and a hard place. They have the strong foundation that is the underlying network, but they lack the flexibility to quickly and efficiently provis… - 12/04/2013

NSN, SK Telecom Demo NFV-based EPC
Nokia Solutions and Networks and Korean carrier SK Telecom have successfully staged a joint proof of concept that leverages network functions virtualization for the evolved packet core. - 11/26/2013

NFVZone Week in Review
The field of network functions virtualization (NFV) is presenting many new opportunities, both for those who make NFV services possible and those who use said services. - 11/23/2013

Software Telco Panel Considers Real-Time Communications
When it comes to real-time communications, lag time is a real problem. Media like audio and video require very predictable eye-to-eye and ear-to-ear latency. - 11/22/2013

Saisei Leader Offers Appliance Provider's View of the Software Story
There was lots of discussion this week at the Software Telco Congress about the benefits carriers can realize by moving from hardware- to software-based environments. - 11/22/2013

GENBAND: Software Telco Alleviates Traditional Telecom 'Nightmare' Scenario
Traditional telecom networking is a nightmare. With every new service comes new capex and opex considerations, and it takes a long time to figure all that out and bring the service to market. The rise of the software telco, however, promises to chang… - 11/21/2013

IBM Exec: Lowering Costs is Key Driver of Carrier Interest in NFV, SDN
Some people like to talk about network functions virtualization and software-defined networking as a path to network transformation. But Craig Farrell, vice president and CTO of the global telecom industry practice at IBM, said that every conversatio… - 11/21/2013

ALU Tells the Story of How a Traditional TEM is Evolving, and Helping Carriers Evole
You'd think that embracing new solutions would be easy for a giant telecommunications equipment manufacturer given the available resources, embedded customer base and vast store of experience. But a long, strong history and an established culture can… - 11/21/2013

More Operators to Deploy SBCs in Virtualized Environments Going Forward
As worldwide user data consumption continues to grow, network operators are realizing the many benefits offered by network functions virtualization in terms of flexibility, cost savings and efficiency. As such, supporting and related technologies are… - 11/21/2013

Gleave Presents Metaswitch's Vision for the Software Telco
The revenue/cost model is broken for the traditional communications services operator - something needs to change. - 11/21/2013

Lemko Exec Offers Radical New View on Cellular Data Networks
Forget what you know about mobile data networking. The cellular carriers got it all wrong. Actually, forget about the cellular carriers, too. The future is in swarming, self-organizing cell sites owned by individuals. - 11/21/2013

Metaswitch Supports Class 5 Switches in Effort to Help Telcos Focus Forward
There are lots of legacy telephone switches at work (13,000 in the U.S. as of this time last year), huffing and puffing to power the nation's voice services. It's a very less than ideal situation, as many of these switches are well beyond their initi… - 11/20/2013

LSI Axxia 4500 Processors Put Power Back in High-End Networks
A proper network commonly requires a lot of power in the processing end of things, and that's just where LSI Corporation looks to help out with the recent announcement of its new line of processors. Said processors, the Axxia 4500 line, represents LS… - 11/20/2013

Ulticom's Diameter Signaling Controller Selected for EPC Product Line
Ulticom has entered into an OEM agreement with an unnamed "major Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer," where it will supply its Diameter signaling controller as a key component of the telecom's evolved packet core (EPC) product line. - 11/20/2013

NFV Growth Widely Expected, Software Telco Congress Takes a Closer Look
Software Telco Congress, the NFV event happening right now in Santa Clara, Calif. takes a closer look at NFV, hurdles and future projections. Panels and keynotes covered during the event will include, "NFV: Making It Real" ," NFV and SDN: Friend or F… - 11/20/2013

ConteXtream Comes to Software Telco Congress With An Eye On COTS Hardware
With a focus on COTS hardware, its limits and how to really make it work within a company's systems, the panel will also address issues of network functions virtualization (NFV) as well as take a look at critical points within the concept of hardware… - 11/20/2013

New OpenCL 2.0 Specification Makes Cross-Platform Computing Easier
The Khronos Group has released the OpenCL 2.0 specification - which makes it easier to undertake cross-platform computing. - 11/20/2013

Q-KON SA Brings Out New Sonus SBC to South African Markets
For those who watch worldwide technology issues, the African market is often regarded as both a challenge and a prize at the same time. Largely undeveloped on many key fronts, yet in some every bit a match for other countries, there's a lot of opport… - 11/20/2013

Brocade Grows Even Without Vyatta Acquisition Factored In
While Brocade expects its storage (SAN) revenue to grow by 3 to 5 percent quarter-over-quarter, the company also noted it expects IP Networking revenue to shrink by 10 to 17 percent quarter-over-quarter. The company blamed the IP Networking weakness … - 11/20/2013

Software Telco Congress Gets Perspective on Monetizing NFV from Openwave Mobility
The Software Telco Congress event is right around the corner, and with that event will come plenty of exciting opportunities to find out the latest in telecommunications software, as well as network with those in the field to exchange ideas and the l… - 11/19/2013

GENBAND to Headline Software Telco Congress This Week
GENBAND's Vice President of Technology and Strategy, Paul Miller, will keynote tomorrow at Software Telco Congress in Santa Clara. His address, titled "NFV: Embracing the Tenets of Cloud and SDN", begins at 3:50 p.m. Nov. 20 at the Network Meeting Ce… - 11/19/2013

Metaswitch Networks Readies for Looming Changes
With the rest of the communications world having been moving in a software-centric direction already, operators' road to success will be paved by their recognition that the same hardware-to-software migration is a necessity. - 11/19/2013

Pertino Opens SDN App Store for Small Businesses
Startup Pertino is bringing the app store concept to the software-defined networking arena and to its small business customers. - 11/18/2013

Paving the Way to SDN & NFV: ADVA, Juniper, U of M Demo Big Data Transport
Big data transport such as that being demonstrated by partners ADVA Optical Networking, Juniper Networks and the University of Michigan will pave the way for software-defined networking and network virtualization. - 11/18/2013

OpenDaylight Project Names New Leader
Former VMware employee Nicolas "Neela" Jacques has joined the OpenDaylight Project as executive director. Jacques will help OpenDaylight community advance SDN and NFV with a developer-driven open source platform for products and technologies that exp… - 11/18/2013

Radware Rolls out New Cloud Application Delivery Controller Platform
Radware Ltd. announced the roll out of its latest cloud application delivery controller platform at AWS re:Invent Conference, the flagship event from AWS to bring together technical leaders and application developers from the AWS community. The new l… - 11/18/2013

Affirmed Networks Enhances Affirmed Mobile Content Cloud
Affirmed Networks, a company that specializes in the virtualization of mobile networks has released new, enhanced capabilities for its Affirmed Mobile Content Cloud network function virtualization (NFV) solution. The solution enables operators to dep… - 11/18/2013

NFV and Software Telco: Not If, But When
When most people think about technology evolution, they tend to be biased towards mobile devices and applications, and for good reason. The mobile movement has taken the world by storm, with a change in the communications landscape the scale of which… - 11/14/2013

Software Telco Congress

Virtualization has taken the IT world by storm but to date the comms market has been mostly unaffected – relying instead on proprietary appliances for numerous functions. A recent industry push to establish network standards virtualization will potentially shake-up the telecommunications market even more than the move to IP communications. As network hardware begins to be released as software, carriers are expected to save money and benefit greatly from new levels of flexibility related to hosting their network in private and virtual private clouds.

Software Telco Congress Benefits:

Who Will Attend:

Tier 1, 2 and 3 Telcos