Network Functions Virtualization Articles

Telco Systems Named SDN & NFV Market Disruptor
GlobalData has recognized Telco Systems as a SDN & NFV Market Disruptor, and the company is already reaping the rewards. - 03/23/2017

Juniper Brings Self-Driving Network to MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress
Juniper Networks is going to bring its Self-Driving Network to the MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress in Paris to highlight the need for automated networks as the ecosystem gets more complicated. - 03/16/2017

Digital Transformation and the CIO Leadership Role
Brands and companies globally are moving further along the Digital Transformation (DX) journey, as their focus increasingly shifts from physical assets to a data driven business model. In tandem with this, we are seeing the rise of new executives suc… - 03/15/2017

HPE and Red Hat Deliver More NFV Deployment Options
The collaboration between HPE and Red Hat is going to give communications service providers more options to make NFV deployments based on fully open, production-ready, standards-based infrastructures. - 03/13/2017

New Funding Gives Hedvig Edge in Software-Defined Storage Market
A new round of funding gives Hedvig a total of $52 million as it looks to expand software-defined storage (SDS) into Asia and develop end-to-end solutions. - 03/07/2017

Why Businesses Must be Aware of the IoT Trojan Horse
From consumer gadgets and wearables, to connected cars and smart homes; awareness, understanding and adoption of IoT is growing quickly. Fields as diverse as healthcare and manufacturing are becoming more dependent on IoT communications to drive busi… - 03/06/2017

New NFV Offerings Afoot from HPE
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise set to offer a slate of NFV systems geared toward helping service providers step up digital service operations. - 03/03/2017

Lanner Electronics Demos Interop with NEC/Netcracker
Lanner Electronics, NEC, and Netcracker this week announced they have joined forces around network functions virtualization and software-defined networking efforts. The companies at Mobile World Congress this week were demonstrating how their solutio… - 03/03/2017

Cisco's New Hardware Platform Has NFV Focus
Cisco recently introduced a new line of hardware that boasts a big new focus on NFV operations. - 03/02/2017

Storage at the Enterprise Scale: Pairing vSAN and vNAS
This velocity, variety and volume of data are maxing out current storage solutions. So, when VMware launched its virtual SAN in March 2014, allowing users to use storage within ESXi servers without the need for external storage, enterprises were exci… - 03/02/2017

Netcracker Showcases Digital Innovations and SDN/NFV Solutions
Netcracker Technology will showcase some of the digital innovations it has been developing at Mobile World Congress 2017, including its cloud-based online charging system, next-gen BSS/OSS and SDN/NFV solutions. - 03/01/2017

GENBAND Hits MWC With NFV Products
GENBAND, commonly known for its work in real time communications, steps up to the NFV plate with a slate of collaborations at the upcoming MWC event. - 02/23/2017

Ericsson Helps Verizon Enterprise Orchestrate Business
Verizon Enterprise Solutions will use solutions from Ericsson to help power its virtualized global managed network services, including SD-WAN. As a result, the companies announced today, Verizon customers will be able to order and configure their own… - 02/21/2017

ADVA Optical Launches FSP Network Hypervisor
ADVA Optical Networking launches its FSP Network Hypervisor to extend software defined networking into the optical layer, which will make it a key component in pushing virtualization to optical networks. - 02/21/2017

Corero Introduces 100gbps DDoS Mitigation Solution
Security company Corero Networks has expanded its SmartWall distributed denial of service prevention solution with support for 100 gigabit per second Ethernet. The company also this week garnered an award for that solution. - 02/17/2017

Why Businesses Must Be Aware of the IoT Trojan Horse
The automation of industrial processes, benefits to healthcare and an ever more connected society are all signs of a positive impact from IoT. However, like the Greeks' ambush of Troy, aided by their hiding in a wooden horse, the IoT conceals a signi… - 02/15/2017

NETSCOUT Becomes Part of OPNFV to Advance NFV
NETSCOUT SYSTEMS has become part of the Open Platform for Network Functions Virtualization (OPNFV) project to help support and advance open source NFV. - 02/13/2017

Trend Micro, NEC Boosts NFV Presence
A new combined effort between Trend Micro Incorporated and NEC Corporation brings out new solutions to improve NFV deployments. - 02/10/2017

Versa Networks Director Joins ITEXPO NFV Panels
Dogu Narin, senior director of product management for Versa Networks, set to join several ITEXPO events in NFV and SD-WAN. - 02/06/2017

NeuVector Solution Addresses Container Security
Traditional approaches to network security don't work in container environments, says NeuVector. That prompted the company to introduce a new security solution for the container world. - 01/31/2017

NFV Performance Focus of, Accedian Arrangement
A new collaborative effort between Accedian and looks to deliver better understanding of NFV operations on a network. - 01/27/2017

How Virtualized Security Will Drive Network Transformation for CSPs
Erik Engström, head of telecom at Clavister, explains how SDN and NFV are changing the game for CSPs, MNOs and telcos - and how they can secure these new environments to ensure successful deployments - 01/25/2017

ADTRAN NG-PON2 Interop Trials to Improve SDN/NFV Network Automation
The participation of ADTRAN in the interoperability trial of NG-PON2 technology with Verizon was completed with the goal of providing rapid service creation and maximizing SDN/NFV network automation. - 01/25/2017

Carriers to Spend $18B on NFV, SDN by End of 2020
CSP spending on NFV and SDN will account for more than $18 billion by the end of 2020, according to new research from ReportsnReports. - 01/24/2017

ADVA Optical Networking Gets TMC's NFV Product of the Year Award
In distinguishing ADVA Optical Networking's Ensemble Connector with its NFV Product of the Year Award, TMC recognized the platform's openness and simplicity delivered real-world value. - 01/24/2017

China Mobile Takes Advantage of Brocade NFV
China Mobile recently brought on Brocade's advanced NFV solution to drive strategic initiatives. - 01/23/2017

Procera Networks Helps Tier 1 and 2 Operators with NFV Strategies
Procera Networks has announced it has increased its Tier 1 customer base with 36 new service providers as it becomes central in the NFV strategies for these operators. - 01/20/2017

TMC Announces 2016 NFV Product of the Year Award Winners
TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in person, in print and online, announced today the winners of the 2016 NFV Product of the Year Awards, presented by TMC's INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine. - 01/18/2017

LG U+ Employs Juniper Virtual Route Feature
LG U+ is using the NFV-based route reflector feature of the Juniper Networks vMX and EX4300/EX2200 Ethernet switches. This new installation puts the Korean service provider on the path to 5G, according to the companies. - 01/17/2017

Amdocs Endorses Linux Foundation's ECOMP Effort
Amdocs has signed on to be part of the Linux Foundation's ECOMP effort. ECOMP stands for enhanced control, orchestration, management, and policy. - 01/16/2017

CenturyLink Augments Government Contract with NFV
CenturyLink gets a little more life out of a Department of Defense contract by bringing in both SDN and NFV capabilities. - 01/13/2017

Study Assesses NFV MANO Vendor Offerings
Netcracker Technology made a strong showing in new NFV MANO research published by Current Analysis. The good news is that Netcracker was named the overall leader; the bad news is that its solution was called "dautingly complex." - 01/12/2017

Saguna Networks Bolsters its NFV Game
Saguna Networks turns to Wind River's Titanium Server for NFV infrastructure. - 01/12/2017

Bureau Veritas Pushes Harder on NFV
Bureau Veritas lands new NEBS certification to help drive its push into NFV systems. - 01/11/2017

Lanner Delivers Hardware for NFV, SDN
Lanner recently came out with two new hardware solutions - the HTCA-6200 and the HTCA-6600 - for NFV and SDN deployments. These HybridTCA appliances are carrier-grade, modular, and NFVi-ready. - 01/09/2017

Study Anticipates Strong Growth for vCPE
The virtual customer premises equipment is poised for strong growth over the next five years, according to Stratistics MRC. The firm anticipates the global vCPE space, which was worth $347.41 million in 2015, will experience a compound annual growth … - 01/05/2017

GigaSpaces CTO Talks NFV, Offers Predictions
NFVzone recently interviewed GigaSpaces CTO Nati Shalom to talk more about the company; NFV adoption, benefits, and challenges; and what he expects in this arena in the year ahead. - 12/30/2016

US Telcos Move Ahead on NFV as Europe Watches: 2017 Predictions
While huge progress has been made this year toward the development of virtualized services, a variety of challenges remain before widespread service roll-out can commence. 2017 will be the year that the industry takes positive steps to overcome these… - 12/20/2016

Cloudify Moves to Cloud Native NFV
The Cloudify team at GigaSpaces makes it cheaper and easier to move to cloud-native Network Function Virtualization architectures for telecoms and large network operators. - 12/16/2016

Network Function Virtualization Market Growing
A new report by Future Market Insights reveals network function virtualization is growing as service operators look to increase the deployment of new operations, maintenance and service of networks. - 12/13/2016

NFV, Connected Devices Mean Big Business
A new study found that a rising demand for connected devices will likely mean a boost to the NFV market as well. - 12/09/2016

Nokia Releases VNF Templating System
Attempting to fix the struggle that service providers face when creating virtual network functions (VNF), Nokia has released its new templating system that works in tandem with its CloudBand Application Monitor. - 12/07/2016

VMware Steps Up Its VMware Ready Line of NFV Solutions
With network functions virtualization (NFV) growing in the field, and at a pretty steady clip, new tools for driving NFV functionality are likewise on an upward track. VMware has been at the forefront of this market for a while now, and has brought o… - 11/03/2016

Openwave Validates Subscriber Data Management with Mirantis OpenStack
Openwave Mobility's user data repository has been validated in the Mirantis OpenStack environment. - 10/27/2016

Innovating Our Way Out of NFV Disillusionment
A variety of organizations, including the likes of Verizon and Vodaphone, voiced their frustration at this year's TM Forum Live! about the seeming lack of progress with NFV. There is an air of disillusionment that NFV hasn't taken the world by storm … - 10/26/2016

Sonus Networks Announces Improvement to its Cloud Offerings
Vendors in information and communication and technologies (ICT) have embraced cloud computing, which has resulted in the delivery of more services with cloud capabilities. For Sonus Networks, a global provider of secure and intelligent cloud communic… - 10/25/2016

EXFO Partners With NEC/Netcracker to Expand NFV Ecosystems Integration
Communications service providers (CSPs) are pursuing virtualization to implement full-scale network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networks (SDN) to address the incredible growth in data traffic. As consumers and organizations de… - 10/11/2016

OPNFV Project's Third Platform Offers Even More New Features
Usually, when a new product release emerges, there are significant changes, like new features included. That's not always good news-just ask anyone who's still using Windows XP-but often, it's a welcome development. Recently, the OPNFV Project releas… - 09/28/2016

Tampnet Picks Ericsson for Upgrade to 4G LTE
Tampnet Inc. has tapped Ericsson to upgrade its network in the Gulf of Mexico from 2G to 4G LTE. The value of the deal was not disclosed. - 09/22/2016

Sandvine and ClearSky Deliver Powerful Network Power Policy Control
Network policy control is a critical piece of network transformation strategy for communications service providers (CSPs) looking to better manage and monetize data services. With the right policy controls in place, CSPs are able to deliver data expe… - 09/21/2016

Fifty Shades of NFV?
"In the racy world of CPE architecture, what virtualization-hungry service providers say they want isn't always what they need," says Pravin Mirchandani, CMO, OneAccess Networks. Alright, perhaps 'racy' is going a bit far, but as the virtualization i… - 09/13/2016

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise OpenNFV Partner Program Welcomes Redknee
For most anyone running online services these days, there are few words more welcome than the term "monetization." Essentially meaning "to find a way to make money from a service," it's the kind of thing service providers can really get behind. Redkn… - 08/31/2016

NFV Will Be a Huge Part of Service Provider Lineups by 2017
It was fairly easy to see that firms were getting behind network functions virtualization (NFV) in a big way, thanks to its ability to help take strain off of budgets by requiring less infrastructure in place to get the same level of functionality. N… - 08/25/2016

Michael Brenner Joins GigaSpaces
GigaSpaces has hired on Michael Brenner as chief architect for network functions virtualization. He'll lead the company's standards effort for NFV and SDN, and will influence product strategy for Cloudify and the ARIS project. - 08/19/2016

Dorado Software to Demonstrate Redcell MANO Lifecycle Management
Each year the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) brings together the leading organizations in the public and private sector in ICT so they can showcase the latest development in their respective fields. Dorado Software, a company that specializes in deliver… - 08/17/2016

Maximizing Virtualization Investments in the Middle East
In technology, we often seem seduced into chasing the latest shiny object. Cloud! Containers! Orchestration! IoT! Big Data! These are all well and good and can not only deliver significant value but can enable new classes of applications and revenue … - 08/15/2016

ADLINK Technology to Showcase Predictive Maintenance and NFV at IDF16
If all goes as predicted, the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to deliver unprecedented growth for the U.S. GDP, with GE economist Marco Annunziata forecasting it will double in the next decade. The IoT will enable the delivery of softwa… - 08/12/2016

New Moves from the Broadband Forum May Make NFV More Relevant
Network functions virtualization (NFV) has for quite some time now been a staple of many offices and high-end data center environments. One thing it has not been for many is a relevant new technology on a personal level. There really aren't that many… - 08/10/2016

Cirrus Core Networks Selects Epsilon to Support its NFV Based LTE Infrastructure
Next generation mobile services require a network infrastructure that is much smarter than traditional hardware based systems. As more solutions continue to use hosted services, and smart mobile devices access these services 24 hours a day, companies… - 08/09/2016

Analyst Firm Recognizes Huawei; Enterprise Unit Names New President
Huawei has been recognized by Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan for enabling communications services providers to deliver value-added services via its VAS Cloud solution. - 08/05/2016

TIM Brazil, Huawei Upgrade Mobile Network Before Olympic Games
Expecting a surge of user traffic during the weeks of this year's summer Olympics in Brazil, national mobile operator TIM Brazil began working with Huawei, a global provider of networking and wireless services, to launch network functions virtualizat… - 08/05/2016

Wheelings & Dealings: Riverbed to Purchase Aternity
Riverbed Technology today announced plans to buy Aternity. The deal, for which the terms were not disclosed, is expected to close next month. - 07/28/2016

Juniper Networks and Verizon Deliver Increased Agility to Enterprises
The always on and connected world in which businesses operate requires that they be able to add, drop or change services on demand, with rapid delivery. Without a more hands-on control over this service environment, their ability to compete and thriv… - 07/26/2016

ADVA Optical Networking's Ensemble Harmony Ecosystem Announces More Members
In today's highly dynamic and competitive digital landscape, service providers and enterprises have to respond to the needs of their customers as soon as possible. The ability to activate new services with the necessary hardware and network integrati… - 07/26/2016

Etisalat Launches its First Virtual Telecom Function With Affirmed Networks' vEPC
Telecom operators around the world are facing incredible network challenges for the mobile services they provide. And as 5G networks are ready to get deployed with more consumers using smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT) also becoming part o… - 07/22/2016

Verizon's Virtual Network Services Brings New Options for Enterprise
Verizon, more specifically Verizon Enterprise Solutions, has been hard at work developing both a strategy for network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN). That strategy has borne fruit recently with Verizon's launch o… - 07/22/2016

Reports Indicate Brisk Service Provider Spending on NFV
Service provider spending on network functions virtualization, including hardware, software and services, is forecast to reach $15.5 billion by 2020. If that all plays out as expected, it would represent a 42 compound annual growth rate from last yea… - 07/20/2016

Open Platform @ Lenovo System Means Powerful New Data Centers
Data centers are increasingly seen as value providers for businesses, and with good reason. Increasing demand for data center services and the tools that go into improving a data center's operations mean a market that's on the rise. Lenovo is doing i… - 06/30/2016

What to Do When Customers Want Your Data as Much as They Want Your Products
Companies today are realizing that the data they generate is sometimes even more valuable to customers than the products they sell. Consequently, many are now trying to help their customers gain insights using business intelligence-as-a-service. This… - 06/30/2016

Moving into the Digital Age
Many companies in traditional industries (such as manufacturing, oil & gas, healthcare, and transportation) have embraced the digital age to gain a competitive edge. Through the adoption and use of cloud computing, we have customers driving improved … - 06/20/2016

The Storage Advantage in BioTech: How You Can Get More for Less
Perhaps no industry has more demand for storage and data management than Life Sciences. Research produces massive amounts of data, stretching beyond the petabyte range and growing exponentially over time. New advances in research technologies and the… - 06/15/2016

New IP Agency Gets New Member in Ixia, Along With New Test Options
The New IP Agency (NIA) has been working hard providing information and analysis options to its membership and beyond, with the end goal of bringing out new virtualized Internet protocol (IP) networks. Recently the NIA added a new member to its roste… - 06/03/2016

Verizon, Big Switch, Red Hat Share NFV Lessons Learned
Network functions virtualization is a relatively new idea for communications services providers, so there's a fairly steep learning curve involved. So organizations in the networking space are doing their best to share what they're learning during NF… - 05/24/2016

Metaswitch CEO Offers NFV Reality Check, Says Voice Becoming 'Hip Again'
Lund also spoke briefly about unified communications and new personal digital assistants like Amazon Alexa that allow users to get information and complete tasks simply by speaking commands. Metaswitch's technology is integrated with Alexa, he added,… - 05/17/2016

Corsa Introduces Virtualized Hardware Solution with Ease of Access
And in the near future we'll be hearing more about Corsa and a partner are employing DP2000 to quickly spin up and down new routing and switching instances for limited-time-use applications. This enables users to plumb their physical networks once, a… - 05/12/2016

Building a Secure DNS Architecture for NFV
By now it's been well established that Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) provides important benefits to service providers. Not only does it provide cost savings by reducing operational costs and truck rolls to deploy new hardware, but it also im… - 05/10/2016

New SDCloud Platform Provides Help in SDN / NFV Migration Efforts
Increasingly, more companies are taking up the gauntlet and bringing in both software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). - 05/02/2016

Radware Demos 20Gbps Performance, Emphasizes Need for ADCs
Radware in a demonstration with 6WIND's Virtual Accelerator showed that the 20Gbps performance of its Alteon NG Virtual Appliance with OpenStack in an NFV environment is five times that of the nearest competitors. That kind of performance is importan… - 04/29/2016

NFV Interoperability Needs Strong Leadership
It is hard to disagree with the EJL report's belief that achieving NFV interoperability on a large scale will take some time. When limited testing based on a finite set of vendors using the same platform exposes interoperability issues, imagine what … - 04/26/2016

Ericsson Reorganizes in Effort to Build Growth, Profitability
Radio and transport will fall under the auspices of Business Unit Network Products. Customer support, managed services, and network rollouts will be handled by Business Unit Networks Services. Together these core business groups will focus on increme… - 04/22/2016

Broadcom Begins Volume Production of Quad-core 64-bit 2GHz ARMv8 SoCs
Broadcom is a designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of analog and digital semiconductor connectivity solutions, meaning it always has new products on the go. Indeed, less than a month after the company announced its complete end-to… - 04/20/2016

MEF Focuses on Open Source with Huawei, China Unicom and ON.Lab
China Unicom, meanwhile, has begun redesigning a number of its central offices as edge data centers to take advantage of open source software and open specifications hardware. Ultimately, the operator will introduce SDN controllers, NFV management, v… - 04/18/2016

Open Environments Invite Great Contributions in NFV
The corporate network is changing. It's no longer enough that IT ensures all systems are connected and operating efficiently. Today, the network needs to be optimized, secure, provide complete visibility, support cloud access and virtualization and b… - 04/12/2016

How APIs Are Helping Move NFV, Fungible Networks, Forward
As anyone with even a passing interest in networking by now knows, networks at both the enterprise and service provider levels are undergoing significant transformation. Those changes put software front and center in an effort to make networks and th… - 04/07/2016

Ericsson to Buy NodePrime
Ericsson has announced plans to buy hyperscale data center enabler NodePrime. The deal, for which the value was not disclosed, will give Ericsson all of the infrastructure management platform provider's operations and talent in San Francisco. - 04/07/2016

Telefonica Germany Renews and Upgrades Revenue Management Solution Developed by Netcracker
Netcracker announced recently that Telefonica Germany (TG) has upgraded to a newer, more feature-packed version of Netcracker's Revenue Management solution to manage billing for its B2B customers. It will allow TG to get a better handle on revenue st… - 03/31/2016

A New Approach to Network Modeling and Management
Today's businesses are dependent on applications that demand ever-changing bandwidth and latency requirements from the underlying network. This is particularly true for wide area networks ("WANs") that: (i) are geographically diverse; (ii) use a plet… - 03/28/2016

Why NFV that Improves Telecom Efficiency May Help Future Competitors
Telecom Italia Sparkle (TIS) announced earlier this month that it had deployed an NFV platform designed to manage international VoIP services. The company seeks to eventually move all services to an NFV environment, allowing it to take advantage of t… - 03/24/2016

Broadvoice Taps Metaswitch to Support PBX, UC Services
Broadvoice is using the Metaswitch Networks clustered MetaSphere Multiservice Telephony Application Server and Service Assurance Server to support its business cloud PBX and unified communications offerings, the companies announced today. - 03/16/2016

Prepare for Next-Gen NFV Data Center Solutions
Data center technology is evolving quickly to keep pace with the changing demands of companies around the world that are looking for more capabilities without sacrificing reliability or security. A new strategic partnership between Lenovo and Juniper… - 03/15/2016

Ericsson and Vodafone Bring NFV-Based VoLTE to the Netherlands
A recent survey found that most mobile operators agree VoLTE is coming this year and it seems Ericsson and Vodafone Netherlands are doing what they can to make this a reality. The two companies recently deployed the first cloud-based and fully virtua… - 03/11/2016

OpenDaylight Welcomes Hitachi
Hitachi Ltd. has joined the OpenDaylight Project at the silver level, the organizations have announced. - 03/09/2016

MEF Names First-Ever CTO, Addresses Agile Networking
Recognizing all this change is afoot, the MEF is changing as well. Signs of this recognition include the fact that the organization has expanded its scope to address what it calls Third Network services, and appointed a CTO for the first time. - 03/04/2016

Ultra-Compact VNFs Key to Cost-Effective NFV
The arrival of the software-defined networking era has been enthusiastically welcomed by all as it promises both infrastructure and services that can flex and grow in line with operators' changing requirements. The question "how can we transition to … - 03/03/2016

NFV Security Solution from Telco Systems Wins the Gold
CyberGuard is made up of network monitoring sensors running on the Telco Systems big data analytics engine, the CloudMetro virtualization platform, and an SDN controller running on the company's EdgeGenie Orchestrator. - 03/03/2016

ThousandEyes Receives Funding to Continue Work on Innovative Network Monitoring Technology
ThousandEyes announced recently that it has raised $35 million in additional Series C funding led by Tenaya Capital. The money will allow ThousandEyes to continue its efforts to develop solutions that allow a business to monitor activity on its netwo… - 03/01/2016

Ericsson Supplies Swisscom with NFV Solutions
More and more mobile operators are using network functions virtualization (NFV) to move their infrastructure into the cloud and enjoy more agility, greater efficiency and higher speeds. Swisscom is the latest company to jump on the NFV bandwagon, rec… - 02/29/2016

VimpelCom Hires ZTE to Establish Virtual Mobile Network in Asia
VimpelCom, an international telecommunications company, is aiming high for 2016. The company's most recent announcement outlines its goal of establishing a virtual network infrastructure in five Asian countries by the end of the year. - 02/29/2016

VimpelCom Hires ZTE to Establish Virtual Mobile Network in Asia
VimpelCom, an international telecommunications company, is aiming high for 2016. The company's most recent announcement outlines its goal of establishing a virtual network infrastructure in five Asian countries by the end of the year. - 02/26/2016

Ericsson, Cisco Launch Dynamic Service Manager
Ericsson has joined its expertise in network management with Cisco's expertise in IP services to create the new Ericsson Dynamic Service Manager. - 02/25/2016