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Sigma Systems Joins ETSI NFV Group
By: Paula Bernier
Sigma Systems is now part of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute group that got the network functions virtualization ball rolling a few years ago. NFV has since snowballed into one of the leading new technologies in communications networking. - 03/30/2015

NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Accedian, Oracle, Orange
By: Paula Bernier
This week in network functions virtualization and software-defined networking saw Accedian Networks introduce a new NFV solution, Intel and Oracle collaborate on orchestration, and Orange Business Services ready for an SDN-based SMB self-provisioning service pilot test. - 03/28/2015

Accedian Unveils SkyLIGHT VCX
By: Paula Bernier
Accedian Networks has come out with a network functions virtualization solution that uses what the company calls "bite-sized" programmable hardware modules. Called SkyLIGHT VCX, it delivers the performance of appliances within hardware modules that are up to 70 percent less expensive, use 90 percent… - 03/26/2015

Oracle Communications Collaborates with Intel, Showing End-to-End Service and Network Function Orchestration
By: Peter Bernstein
The transitioning by service providers from appliance-based network functions to a virtualized, software-based model, aka network function virtualization (NFV) is picking up steam. The reasons are simple in theory, but as with so much of transforming network infrastructures they take time. Communica… - 03/26/2015

EZchip Works on Multicore Processors for NFV
By: Paula Bernier
EZchip, which is best known for providing Ethernet chips used in gear from leading network equipment vendors like Cisco Systems and Juniper, is jumping on the network functions virtualization bandwagon. The company last month revealed it is working to create multicore network processors to address t… - 03/25/2015

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TMCnet Announces Launch of Network Functions Virtualization News and Analysis Site NFVZone - 6/21/2013

Software Telco Congress

Virtualization has taken the IT world by storm but to date the comms market has been mostly unaffected – relying instead on proprietary appliances for numerous functions. A recent industry push to establish network standards virtualization will potentially shake-up the telecommunications market even more than the move to IP communications. As network hardware begins to be released as software, carriers are expected to save money and benefit greatly from new levels of flexibility related to hosting their network in private and virtual private clouds.

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Who Will Attend:

Tier 1, 2 and 3 Telcos