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EXFO Unveils New BrixNGN Infrastructure Performance Suite
By: Deepika Mala
Wireless telecommunications provider, EXFO Inc., recently launched its new BrixNGN Infrastructure Performance Suite. - 07/21/2014

ASOCS, Wind River Partner to Popularize Virtual Base Stations
By: Paula Bernier
ASOCS sells virtual base stations, while Wind River provides software for intelligent connected systems. By coming together, the two companies hope to make virtual base stations faster to deploy and more reliable, which they believe will make adoption of such solutions much more widespread. - 07/17/2014

EXFO's New Solution Addresses Visibility for Virtualization
By: Paula Bernier
Virtualization and software-defined networking can allow for great new flexibility and savings in addressing workflows. At the same time, they can present challenges in network management, given that network assets and services are no longer fixed, but instead may be in a constant state of change. T… - 07/16/2014

IBM Introduces Elastic Storage as a Service Offering
By: Paula Bernier
IBM today launched a cloud-based, software-defined storage service, which is priced starting at $13,735 per 100 TB per month. - 07/15/2014

NFV Week in Review
By: Paula Bernier
Network functions virtualization, which some see as a stepping stone to software-defined networking, appears to be seeing respectable uptake by network operators and their suppliers, as reflected by several announcements this week. - 07/12/2014

Software Telco Congress

Virtualization has taken the IT world by storm but to date the comms market has been mostly unaffected – relying instead on proprietary appliances for numerous functions. A recent industry push to establish network standards virtualization will potentially shake-up the telecommunications market even more than the move to IP communications. As network hardware begins to be released as software, carriers are expected to save money and benefit greatly from new levels of flexibility related to hosting their network in private and virtual private clouds.

Software Telco Congress Benefits:

Who Will Attend:

Tier 1, 2 and 3 Telcos