NFVZone Featured Articles

Masergy's Virtual f(n) Platform Offers New Tools for Business
By: Steve Anderson
For companies tired of having to work with network appliances and on-site administration of routing and firewall systems, Masergy has a new and powerful tool lined up: the Virtual f(n) platform. Companies bringing this tool into operations will be able to take advantage of virtualized network functi… - 07/01/2015

Telkomsel, Huawei Conduct Successful Demo of Mobile Service that Uses VoLTE, Wi-Fi, and NFV
By: Christopher Mohr
Telkomsel and Huawei recently conducted a successful demonstration of a technology that combines Wi-Fi, VoLTE, and network function virtualization (NFV). It will allow users on phone calls to switch between Wi-Fi and 4G networks without dropping the call. - 06/29/2015

NFV Zone Week in Review: AT&T, Docker, Oracle, Red Hat
By: Paula Bernier
It was a busy week in the network functions virtualization arena - particularly relating to open source. That was due in part to the fact that Linux container company Docker was holding its Dockercon event in San Francisco while open source pioneer Red Hat was running the Red Hat Summit in Boston. - 06/27/2015

Software Comes to the Telco Network: 2015 is the Year of NFV Acceptance
By: Erik Linask
Only a few years ago, before NFV became the industry buzzword it is today, Metaswitch took a lead in driving the notion of a software-based telco as the future of network operators. In fact, the company helped TMC start its conversation around NFV at our very first NFV related event. That conversati… - 06/26/2015

The Reality Behind SDN and NFV Myths
By: Joe Rizzo
As of late, we are seeing demand coming from customers who are pushing for software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). The problem is that while operators agree that change is needed, not all are on board. There are the ones who have already initiated change, such as … - 06/26/2015